The current situation of the development of the ho

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Current situation of the development of polycrystalline glass and trends in the next few years

at present, Haier has established more than 30 refrigerator production bases around the world, with a production capacity of 20million, focusing on the development of product platforms such as polylactic acid (PLA), polybutyric acid (PBS), poly notched hydraulic impact specimen broaching machine, working principle of para benzoic acid 2-alcohol ester (PET, PTT), Polyhydroxyalkanoic acid (PHA), polyamide (PA). Midea refrigerator has four manufacturing bases in Hefei, Anhui, Guangzhou, Guangdong and Jingzhou, Hubei, with a comprehensive annual production capacity of 10million sets. Hisense Kelon has six production bases in China, including Beijing, Zhejiang, Shunde and Nanjing, with a production capacity of 10million sets. Meiling has three major production bases in Hefei, Mianyang and Jingdezhen, with a total production capacity of more than 6 million units

the utilization rate of color crystal panels of Haier, Hisense, sharpness of new inspection puncture device, Meiling, Shuanglu, xiuqiang glass and other major customers accounts for about 50% of the total share of refrigerator panels, of which light color products (mainly white) account for about 30% of color crystal panels; Dark color products (mainly red and blue) account for about 60% of color crystal panels; Color crystal panels account for about 7% of the high-end series (mainly Haier 551, 552, 576) such as double door and multi door. Nearly 1000 varieties of five series, including home appliance color crystal glass, photovoltaic coated glass, TCO glass, Low-E glass, vacuum insulation board (VIP), are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world

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