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The current situation of China's bearing industry and the development of Linqing bearing industry

bearing is an important basic component of all kinds of mechanical equipment. Its accuracy, performance, life and reliability play a decisive role in the accuracy, performance, life and reliability of the host machine. Among mechanical products, bearings are high-precision products, which not only need the comprehensive support of mathematics, physics and many other disciplines, but also need the services of materials science, heat treatment technology, precision machining and measurement technology, numerical control technology, effective numerical methods and powerful computer technology. Therefore, bearings are also a product representing the national scientific and technological strength. Today, the world's leading bearing powers are Europe, the United States and Japan. After more than 100 years of development, they occupy an absolute advantage in the high-end products in the global bearing market

the development of China's modern bearing industry is mainly after the founding of new China. After nearly 60 years of construction and development, especially the continuous, rapid and steady development in the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's bearing industry has formed an independent industrial system with complete categories, considerable scale and a certain level. In 2008, the main business income of 1440 bearing and parts manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size in the industry was 88billion yuan, an increase of 15.79% over 2007; The output of bearings reached 10billion sets, an increase of 11.11% over 2007; The total profit was 4.5 billion yuan, an increase of 7.14% over 2007; The export of bearing products earned US $2.97 billion, an increase of 38.07% over 2007; 3.39 billion sets of bearings were exported, an increase of 2.75% over 2007; Imports of foreign exchange amounted to 2.693 billion US dollars, an increase of 24.99% over 2007; 1.579 billion sets of bearings were imported, a decrease of 0.73% over 2007, and the import and export trade surplus was 276 million US dollars, exceeding the target set in the national bearing industry's "Eleventh Five Year Plan" two years ahead of schedule

at present, China's bearing industry ranks third in the world in terms of industrial economic scale, but there is still a considerable gap with the world's advanced level in terms of product accuracy and technical level. It is mainly manifested in:

1. The production concentration of China's bearing industry is low

among the world's bearing sales of about $40billion, the world's eight major multinational companies account for 75% to 80%. Germany's two major companies account for 90% of its national total, Japan's five companies account for 90% of its national total, and the United States' one company accounts for 56% of its national total. In China, the sales of 7 bearing enterprises with annual sales of more than 1billion yuan, such as bearing shafts, account for only 28.3% of the whole industry

2. The R & D and innovation capacity of China's bearing industry is low

due to the fact that most enterprises are still at a low level in the construction and operation of innovation system, capital investment in R & D and innovation, talent development, etc., and the above-mentioned scientific research institutions serving the industry are becoming enterprises, the state has no investment in the research of common technologies in the industry, thus weakening the function of industry-oriented R & D. Therefore, the "two weaknesses and two deficiencies" in the whole industry are prominent, that is, the basic theoretical research is weak, the participation in the formulation of international standards is weak, there are few original technologies, and there are few patented products. At present, our design and manufacturing technology is basically analog and consistent for decades. The product development ability is low, which is reflected in that although the matching rate of domestic main engines reaches 80%, the supporting and maintenance bearings of important main engines such as high-speed railway passenger cars, medium and high-end cars, computers, air conditioners, high-level rolling mills, etc. are basically imported

3. The manufacturing technology level of China's bearing industry is low

the manufacturing process and process equipment technology of China's bearing industry have developed slowly, with low NC rate of turning and low automation level of grinding. There are only more than 200 automatic production lines in the country. In most enterprises, especially the old state-owned enterprises, traditional equipment with high precision is still the main production force. The coverage of advanced heat treatment processes and equipment that are crucial to the life and reliability of bearings, such as controlled atmosphere protection heating, double refinement, bainite quenching, etc., is low, and many technical problems have not been solved. The research and development of new steel types of bearing steel, the improvement of steel quality, and the research and development of related technologies such as lubrication, cooling, cleaning and abrasive tools cannot meet the requirements of improving the level and quality of bearing products. Therefore, the process capability index is low, the consistency is poor, the product processing size dispersion is large, and the internal quality of the product is unstable, which affects the accuracy, performance, service life and reliability of the bearing

in view of the above situation, China has put forward the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for the bearing industry. China's bearing industry will be market-oriented and enterprises as the main body, promote independent innovation ability and design and manufacturing technology upgrading, promote the construction of large groups and "small giants" enterprises, improve core competitiveness, improve production concentration, and realize the transformation from scale growth type to quality benefit type. 21 times of input data are permanently reused. In 2010, some products of some enterprises reached the level of international competitiveness, laying the foundation for becoming one of the world's powerful bearing countries; By 2020, we will achieve the goal of entering the ranks of world bearing powers from a large bearing production country, and make contributions to accelerating the revitalization of China's equipment industry. By 2020, we will achieve the goal of becoming a powerful country in the world in terms of bearings, and the annual accuracy, performance, service life and reliability of products will reach the level of similar products of large foreign companies in the same period. The supporting bearings of major equipment will be nationalized: the design and manufacturing technology will be at the level of large foreign companies in the same period, and a number of core technologies will be independent only of property rights; There is an advantageous enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, world-famous brands and strong international competitiveness; The total production and sales scale of the industry ranks in the forefront of the world, and a domestic holding enterprise has entered the top 10 in the world in terms of bearing sales; The industrial production concentration has reached more than 80%

recently, the association carried out an investigation on the implementation of the eleventh five year plan, the progress of technological transformation projects and the concentration of industrial production, put forward analytical opinions, and guide industrial enterprises to adjust their development ideas; In 2008, China Machinery Industry Federation awarded Wafangdian the title of "bearing capital of China", and Zhejiang "Cixi bearing industry development strategic plan" passed the expert review, which promoted the healthy development of regional bearing industry clusters and the strengthening and expansion of advantageous enterprises, and catalyzed the concentration of production factors to advantageous enterprises

in recent years, the Linqing municipal Party committee and government have attached great importance to the development direction of the bearing industry. Taking advantage of the location advantages and convenient transportation conditions of the thoroughfares of the three provinces, the Linqing municipal Party committee and government have continuously promoted the rapid, efficient and high-quality development of the bearing industry cluster through planning guidance, technological innovation, legal guarantee, talent support, brand guidance, industry accumulation, opening drive, policy support and other measures, This time, the Linqing Municipal People's government also invited and organized experts and scholars from various industries and shaft Association technical committees, colleges and universities and scientific research institutions to gather together to discuss the future development direction of Linqing bearing industry with the theme of "excellence, brand creation and innovation" of Linqing bearing industry. The meeting was well organized and timely. Here, on behalf of the technical committee of CAAC, I would like to extend my warm congratulations on the convening of this meeting and look forward to a complete success of the meeting. Here are some suggestions based on the theme of the meeting:

first, clarify the connotation of enterprise independent innovation, establish brand awareness

creating core technology intellectual property is the core connotation of independent innovation. For enterprises, intellectual property is mainly industrial property. Industrial property rights refer to the rights of creative achievements including national, industrial and enterprise standards, invention patents, utility model patents and design patents, as well as the rights of identifying marks including trademarks, service marks, manufacturer names and country of origin names. In addition, business secrets such as business secrets owned by enterprises also belong to the scope of industrial property rights

what is the gap between China's bearing products and the international advanced level? It should be said that after the development since the reform and opening up, especially the digestion, absorption and re innovation of foreign technology, the gap indicators such as deep groove ball bearings have approached or reached the international advanced level. However, there is still a big gap on the whole, especially in the service life and reliability. The vibration and noise of roller bearings are still far behind the international advanced level. If the gap is identified, the independent innovation of the whole industry can grasp the key point

independent innovation should also be closely combined with the needs of national economic development. The national strategic decision on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry points out the direction for the independent innovation of the bearing industry, and 16 key areas need bearing localization. The task is very arduous and urgent, which requires the bearing industry to jointly carry out the forward-looking development or synchronous research and development of the required bearings with the main engine manufacturers, so as to make contributions to accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry

in the process of development, Linqing bearing industry has a shallow understanding of brand awareness, has gone through some detours, and also has some negative effects, but now, including the government and enterprises, have realized the importance of product quality and innovative brand, and the enterprise competition finally comes down to the competition of quality, brand, talent and technology. The economic crisis and the industrial adjustment of national policies have also provided rare opportunities and challenges for enterprise restructuring and brand creation. We must recognize the situation, improve our understanding, study our brand strategy, make great efforts to do our own bearing products honestly and create our own brand. Only in this way can we win the market and remain invincible forever

second, strengthen policy guidance and promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

under the severe situation of the intensifying economic crisis, the state has issued ten industrial adjustments and plans in a timely manner. The revitalization plan for key industries highlights the need to maintain pressure and highlight key points, which not only protects and develops key industries, important production capacity and important market share, but also prevents the resurgence of the backward production capacity of "two high and one capital"; At the same time, we should revise industrial policies, further raise the threshold of market access, accelerate mergers and acquisitions, guide enterprises to gather and develop, cultivate and expand a number of large enterprises and enterprise groups with internationally renowned brands, strengthen enterprise technological transformation, speed up the development of key products and technologies, and form a high value-added, long industrial chain to expand domestic demand while driving industrial upgrading

small and medium-sized enterprises are the most dynamic micro foundation in the market economy. Supporting the healthy development of Chinese enterprises is also an aspect of the content of national planning and reorganization, which is not contradictory to mergers and acquisitions. It should be noted that bearing is not only a national strategic product supported by high technology, but also a basic component product with a large amount of national machinery and equipment. According to China's current national conditions and the demand of the international bearing market, as well as the high labor costs in developed coastal areas, the municipal government should regulate and guide the transfer of its industrial chain to the central and western regions through laws, regulations and policies, and promote local small and medium-sized enterprises to actively undertake the transfer of the current bearing industrial chain, "eliminate backward production capacity, develop advanced production capacity, improve industry concentration, and develop characteristic industries", Form competitive industrial clusters

third, strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation, drive enterprise technological progress

the main tasks of China bearing industry association are: To investigate and study the current situation and development direction of the industry, and reflect the opinions and requirements of the industry to the government; Accept the Commission of government departments to make suggestions on the development plan of the industry and relevant technical and economic policies if the rubber fatigue testing machine cannot be carried out; Organize the exchange of experience in enterprise reform, management, technology, quality, economy and other aspects; Organize industry statistical information, collect, analyze and publish industry related economic and technological information; Develop human resources, strengthen staff education, organize human training, and promote the application of new technologies and new achievements; Organize domestic and foreign economy

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