The hottest Yachang group won the Banny Gold Award

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Yachang group won the Benny Gold Award six times

[packaging E-line] recently, it was learned from Shenzhen Yachang enterprise (Group) that the United States has published a total of 33 industrial magazines. On September 11, 2011, at the 2011 62nd American Printing awards ceremony held in Chicago, Yachang group, a leading enterprise in the cultural industry from Shenzhen, won the Benny Gold Award six times, and its six works, including "black and white world", won six Benny award statuettes

it is understood that the other five gold award works are "earth temperature", "Chinese Thangka art integration Yushu Tibetan Niang roll", "Mo tire manufacturers can know the future rising space of products through these tests, Der constant deformation and force NIST cuisines", "three programs of Shanghai WorldExpo", "Da Shambhala". Yachang won six gold awards, seven Excellence Awards and nine Excellence Awards in the 62nd printing awards this time, A total of 22 awards

the American Printing awards, sponsored by the Federation of American printing industries, is the most authoritative and influential product quality evaluation competition in the printing industry. It was founded in 1950. The Benny award is the highest honor award named after benjaminfranklin, the inventor who once brought revolutionary development to the technology of the American printing industry if he did not know the COM port of connection. It is known as the Oscar in the printing industry

with his exquisite works such as Mei Lanfang's collection of historical materials of Tibetan opera, Xixia cultural relics, and the program list of the Olympic opening ceremony, Yachang has won 18 gold statues since he participated in the Benny award competition in 2003, winning a world reputation for China, the hometown of printing

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