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Xylene soared, domestic coating enterprises were frustrated

xylene soared, domestic coating enterprises were frustrated

November 21, 2003

while facing broad development prospects, China's coating industry is also suffering from dual pressure from raw materials and foreign rivals. It is reported that since August, the price of xylene, an important raw material for coating, has soared to the highest level in history of more than 6000 yuan/ton. Many coating enterprises' input and output are upside down, which is unbearable. Bellows ring stiffness testing machines are widely used to measure the ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and fiberglass pipes with annular cross-section. However, on the other hand, some large foreign-funded enterprises that also produce oil-based paints remain unchanged. At the annual meeting of Guangdong paint Association held at the end of August, the boss of a large foreign-funded paint enterprise once said that he did not care about the price storm of xylene, and said confidently, "we will not be affected, because we use higher-grade substitutes than solvents." Mr. Chen Guanqi, Secretary General of Shunde coating chamber of Commerce, revealed that this foreign-funded enterprise in Dongguan is the manufacturer of oily paint with the largest domestic production suffering from continuous or interrupted heating, with a sales volume of 3 billion yuan in 2002. What is more surprising is that its profit margin has been maintained at 37%, while most domestic enterprises are still struggling at the life and death line of 4% - 6%. The bosses of some enterprises in the domestic coating industry said with envy: when can we visit their production lines and learn advanced technology. In addition, according to the latest statistical data of China Coating Industry Association: among the top 10 coating enterprises with top 3 domestic sales revenue in 2002, foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 3; Since the beginning of this year, foreign-funded enterprises have accounted for more than 30% of the domestic coating market

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