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Virus level food packaging sterilization device

a device that can significantly increase the orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises or completely kill the bacteria and viruses in liquid drinks after sterilization. Recently, it was successfully developed in Hebei Shichuang food machine and can self modify the formula to improve the testing data. This device has been applied to the sterile milk production line and sterile packaging machine produced by the company. The soft packed sterile milk produced by this technology can ensure that all bacteria and viruses in the milk are killed. A few days ago, the health and epidemic prevention department inspected the sterilized soft packaged sterile milk products, and the results showed that the number of bacteria and viruses in sterile milk was zero

experts pointed out that the sterilization device developed by Hebei Shichuang Food Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. to kill viruses by the traditional method without high temperature heating belongs to the world's advanced technology. It is the first time to use it in sterile milk production lines and sterile packaging machines in China, which is a major breakthrough in the field of sterile food production technology in China. This achievement fills a gap in aseptic packaging technology in China, and has been applied for a national patent at present

The application of virus level sterilization technology in sterile milk production and sterile packaging machine not only kills all bacteria in milk and is beneficial to human health, but also greatly improves the product quality of sterile milk and extends the shelf life of sterile milk. Consumers reported that the taste of the new product was better and purer

it is understood that the production of sterile milk in China's domestic market at this stage mostly follows the process of instant high-temperature sterilization, sterility and sterile packaging. However, the concentration of the production industry continues to improve; The aseptic milk rapidly expanded by enterprises with strong R & D strength and high technical level can only reach the standard of commercial aseptic grade, in which the virus in the milk has not been completely eliminated. At a drug packaging exhibition in the United States, the technical staff of worldtron found that the pharmaceutical industry in the United States uses advanced technology to make the production and packaging level of drugs reach the virus level standard

the technicians of Hebei Shichuang Food Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. believe that the developed countries such as the United States do not rely on the traditional high-temperature sterilization method, but a more advanced sterilization technology. At the same time, Shichuang people learned that in the relevant regulations for sterile food recently formulated by the European Union, sterile food must meet the virus level standard. Therefore, Hebei Shichuang Food Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. feels that the introduction of virus level sterilization methods into the production of sterile food is not only out of the need for food safety, health and hygiene, but also the general trend of market competition and development at home and abroad

the application of the new sterilization device has improved the quality of sterile milk, reaching the standards of North America and the European Union, and laid a foundation for improving the quality of domestic sterile dairy products. Information on the global renewable plastic network: now many new material construction products need to be improved and upgraded, and the equipment and technology level of new production enterprises need to be pushed out of the old and integrated with the international market

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