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Virtual operators have their own tricks: slash tariffs, flexible billing, high salary poaching

recently, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, revealed that the third batch of virtual operation licenses will be issued within oneortwo months. This will bring the number of domestic virtual operators to more than 30. The first and second batch of virtual operators that have previously obtained licenses have successively started to release numbers this month, using various differentiated competitive means such as self selected packages and traffic transfer to stir up the domestic telecommunications market

the industry predicts that with the further opening of virtual operators' gateways, intensified competition will bring great pressure to traditional operators, forcing them to reduce tariffs and improve services

a few days ago, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, told the media that the third batch of virtual operators is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products. The proposed operator license is in the process of application, and the third batch of resale business licenses may be issued within oneortwo months. In the past, some consumers were dissatisfied with the three basic telecom operators. I believe that with the emergence of private operators, these problems will be solved

more than a dozen China Mobile cooperative private enterprises are expected to obtain the third batch of licenses

previously, on December 27, 2013, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the first batch of 11 pilot approvals for mobile resale business, namely 11 virtual operator licenses. Then on February 13, 2014, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of the second batch of enterprises that obtained virtual operator licenses on the last working day before the Spring Festival. So far, 19 enterprises have obtained this license

it is also learned from the industry that the third batch of virtual operators are mainly partners of China Mobile. It is expected that more than a dozen private enterprises will obtain licenses. The first two batches of approved virtual operators are partners of China Unicom and Chinatelecom. At the mobile virtual operators summit at the 2014 Asia Telecom show, Xu Gang, deputy general manager of China Mobile's marketing department, revealed that China Mobile is currently negotiating resale rules with various virtual operators. Partners who adopt rental systems will be released in August at the earliest, and partners who adopt other docking methods will be released in October

virtual operators forced traditional operators to take over

with the continuous issuance of 19 virtual operators, various novel billing methods and marketing methods suddenly attracted the attention of users, and early reservations were hot. Facing the impact of market and personnel, the three major state-owned operators have to lower their profile to cope with the competition

tricks 1

slash tariffs

some virtual operators offer attractive price discounts. For example, snail Mobile has launched a 999 free card of 699 yuan, claiming that the national voice is free for half a year, sending traffic and all margins will never be cleared. Compared with the 128 yuan package of global connect at the same price, it is indeed quite preferential. JD communication has launched 211 free communication privileges, that is, for every 2 yuan spent, users can get 1 minute of voice and 1m traffic. For shoppers, this is almost equivalent to free communication. Alibaba communication has made a breakthrough in the billing method, which is all converted into m units

traditional operators should cope with:

the main reason for the tariff reduction is the traffic tariff.

recently, China Mobile and China Unicom are reducing the tariff, especially the traffic tariff. In terms of the 4G network tariff launched by China Mobile, the 88 yuan package can get 1% per month Covestro is committed to cooperating with many parties through innovation. About 2G traffic can be upgraded to 4G package for 20 yuan, which was unimaginable before. China Unicom is also taking advantage of 3G to 4G to greatly reduce tariffs. However, it was also found that traditional operators only increased the minutes and traffic in the package, which seemed cheap, but the overall price of the package did not change much

tricks 2

billing is more flexible

a major feature of the package design of many virtual operators is that the threshold is low and there is a lot of choice. The minimum threshold of some packages is 7 yuan or even zero yuan, and the change will be erased. What attracts users most is that many virtual operators have proposed that the traffic will not be cleared within a certain period of time, and even some virtual operators have said that the traffic will not be cleared by the end of 2015. Some virtual operators also give interest to users' pre deposited phone charges, which is reflected by giving away phone charges and traffic

response of traditional operators:

have launched traffic transfer

the three traditional telecom operators have recently launched traffic transfer. For example, the Guangdong Unicom wo+ sharing platform provides traffic transfer function, and users with a traffic account balance greater than 1m can use this function to transfer traffic to their friends. Last month, Guangdong Mobile also announced that it would implement the traffic donation service

tricks 3

3 times the annual salary to recruit senior executives

many people from traditional operators began to switch to virtual operators. In addition to the temptation of high salary, they also hope to obtain broader career opportunities. The most influential job hopping event in the industry is that Li Gang, the former deputy general manager of China Unicom Group, and Zhou Youmeng, another senior executive, have joined virtual operators. This phenomenon of job hopping exists in both mobile and Telecom

Fu Liang, a telecom expert, believes that polyurethane insulation materials that enter the market in traditional operators can only reach flammable B2 and flammable B3. The incentive mechanism for high-level managers is also lacking, and the income can be significantly increased after joining virtual operators. It is learned that Zhou Youmeng's annual salary in Unicom is less than 1million yuan. If she can get 3million yuan after joining the virtual operator, it can be described as twoorthree times. The key is that the space and atmosphere are different. Some people in the industry also said that working in traditional operators, losing money and making money are not their own, but in virtual operators, it is very different. Working in virtual operators for 3 years is equivalent to working in traditional operators for 30 years. Fu Liang said that now with the resale business, this institutional constraint has been broken through, providing them with many opportunities. He predicted that with the gradual expansion of virtual operation business, more operators' talents will flow out

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