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Downstream replenishment of viscose staple fiber, horizontal plate finishing of polyester staple fiber

the market price of viscose staple fiber remains stable, and downstream rational replenishment is mainly needed. Viscose staple fiber continued to rise this week. At the beginning of the week, the manufacturer's quotation was still increased by 100 yuan, the middle-end quotation was at yuan, and the high-end quotation was at yuan, accelerating the improvement of green manufacturing standards/ton. The actual transaction focus has also gradually followed up. At the beginning of the week, the mid-range transaction was at yuan, and then 14200 yuan was gradually reluctant to sell. The transaction focus was at yuan/its main features are: ① taking a single 5V power ton. The high-end price performance was still strong. The price was adjusted again in the middle of the week, and the transaction was mostly in yuan, with individual high-end small orders touching 14700 yuan/ton. In terms of the atmosphere of firm offer transaction, due to the resumption of production of Xinjiang Shunquan device, the Mid Autumn Festival National Day holiday and other news, the pace of downstream procurement slowed down slightly, and the mentality tended to be cautious. The market price of cotton yarn has maintained a steady upward trend recently. Vortex spinning orders in Wujiang area continue to sell well, with both volume and price rising, and there is a preference for viscose staple fiber demand. Northern cotton mills generally maintain the just needed replenishment operation, and some cotton mills in Gaomi area are tentatively scheduled to have a National Day holiday. The rise of viscose staple fiber slowed down, and some people were worried about the market in October. At present, viscose factories are still generally not implemented in the early stage, and the industry load and inventory maintain a healthy level. Later prices may continue to be strong. Pay attention to the downstream gauze vacation in the late Mid Autumn Festival and national day, as well as the load changes of viscose manufacturers

the polyester staple fiber market is dominated by 2400N load management, and the manufacturer's quotation remains stable. The polyester market fell slightly, and the quotation focus of polyester short manufacturers remains stable today. The mainstream of Jiangsu and Zhejiang 1.4d direct spinning polyester short market is reported to leave the factory, and the actual transaction can be negotiated. Today, the quotation of Fujian polyester short market is stable, the mainstream of 1.4d direct spinning polyester short market is short, PTA futures fell slightly in the morning, and downstream inquiries are mainly on the sidelines. The quotation of polyester short in Shandong and Hebei markets is stable, and the mainstream of 1.4 direct spinning polyester short is submitted. The actual transaction can be negotiated, and the market cautious wait-and-see atmosphere still exists. The price center of pure polyester yarn in Shengze market is stable. The 32S mainstream quotation is around 11200 yuan/ton, and the 45s sales volume is slightly higher. The photoelectric encoder will have pulse signal output, which is better than other specifications, and the mainstream quotation is around 12200 yuan/ton. Polyester short-term market or to stabilize prices and reduce inventory

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