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On May 24, the first set of "yuanhezhi can stretch, shrink, zigzag, peel, shear and other performance experiments on various materials" system for large-scale consumption of clean energy was put into operation in Jiangsu, which is equivalent to the "virtual power plant" with the largest capacity in China. You can see that all electromechanical devices have an inertia value

with the organic integration of "interconnection +" technology and smart electricity technology, this "source charged smart electricity" system converts scattered and uncontrollable load resources into on-demand "virtual power plant" resources. In the event of clean power supply fluctuations, sudden natural disasters, especially sudden power supply or electrical emergencies at peak power consumption, power customers actively incarnate "virtual power plant" to participate in the protection of large power safety

High energy consumption has always been a serious problem in China. According to relevant statistics, China's power consumption per unit of GDP is 3.8 times the world average, 3.1 times that of South Korea and 11 times that of Japan. Low energy efficiency and serious waste of resources are one of the cruxes of power shortage

virtual power plant is just an effective way to integrate various distributed energy sources, including 818 cloth power supplies, controllable loads and energy storage devices for extruders exported in October. Through the distributed power management system, the distributed power supply, controllable load and energy storage devices in the electricity are aggregated into a virtual controllable aggregate, which participates in the operation and scheduling of electricity, coordinates the contradiction between intelligent electricity and distributed power supply, and achieves the effect of building an actual power plant

renewable energy such as wind energy and solar energy are the energy we vigorously advocate and develop. However, the output of renewable energy has great randomness, volatility and intermittency, and the dynamic combination of distributed power generation needs to be solved urgently. The energy interconnection strategy advocated by the "virtual power plant" can effectively promote the construction of cross-border power and transmission channels. The guide wheel between the working platform of the pressure testing machine and the 1 side column will also produce friction force settings, give full play to the time difference complementarity and seasonal complementarity of distributed power in different regions, and improve the utilization rate of renewable energy

with the country's strong promotion of the development of clean energy and emerging technologies, virtual power plants will become an important form of energy convergence in the construction of smart electricity and global energy interconnection, with its unique advantages: first, there is no need to consume coal. Today, China's coal resources are increasingly scarce, this measure can use the existing power to create greater benefits; 2、 Do not need to occupy land, build the factory in the virtual world, and bring benefits to the real world; 3、 There is no need to consider environmental pollution

of course, this does not mean that the "virtual power plant" in the high-speed development stage is perfect, but it also has many areas that need to be improved

first, we should improve the data processing speed of "virtual power plant". The data shows that during the peak period of power consumption, the actual capacity of the electric field changes greatly, and accurate prediction of solar and wind energy requires analysis of a large number of data, including wind speed, clouds and other meteorological data. Therefore, improving the processing speed of the data exchange and processing center can provide real-time and accurate data information flow of each subsystem for the data exchange and processing center of the virtual power plant

secondly, the market operation of "virtual power plant" is also an important issue. Virtual power plants not only have the characteristics of stable output and batch power sales of traditional power plants, but also aggregate a variety of power generation units. The power markets they participate in include day ahead market, real-time market, auxiliary service market, etc. Therefore, different scheduling and bidding models should be established in different market environments to make "virtual power plants" more widely applicable

finally, a scientific cooperation mechanism should be established to ensure the stability of the virtual power plant. It includes the cooperation mechanism between multiple power generation or power consumption units aggregated within the virtual power plant, and the cooperation mechanism between the virtual power plant and integrated operators, distribution or transmission and power market operators, so as to ensure the reasonable income of all participants, maintain the long-term participation enthusiasm of participants, and ensure the stability of the virtual power plant

the national development and Reform Commission's energy-saving plan requires that by 2020, China's energy consumption per 10000 yuan of GDP should be reduced from 2.68 tons of standard coal in 2002 to 1.54 tons of standard coal, forming an energy-saving capacity of 1.4 billion tons of standard coal, a large part of which needs to be completed through electricity conservation. "Virtual power plant" can also continue to play a role in a long period of time by transforming high energy consuming equipment for saving, and has great adaptability to China's power situation. It is understood that this system is about to be popularized nationwide. Let's look forward to the value and benefits it brings to electricity and users

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