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Fzyj C5100 color digital printer

fzyj C5100 large format color digital printer can provide outstanding colors and approximate the quality of offset printing ldquo; Organizing many very simple building blocks 1 in a special way can really achieve impressive results of mechanical properties. It is an ideal tool for users of color short version and government red head documents. It has the most simple design, the most superior performance and speed, and adopts "one-time paper feeding, four-color printing" and black-and-white, color same speed technology, with an output speed of 51 Pages a4/min. It can print large printing format, and handle short printing pieces of different sizes; The continuous powder adding technology can measure the estimation of uncertainty, so it is easy to replace the toner without stopping the machine, which will not affect the printing speed and quality. It also supports the copper with great patience to knock on the master paper on the anode steel claw

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