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Founder eaglejet H300 grasps new business opportunities in the coding market on September 4, 2008, Beijing Beida Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Founder Electronics) and eaglejet H300 digital ink jet printing system made a brilliant debut in the China International label printing technology and equipment exhibition. This is the first time that founder, as an overall solution supplier of the global printing industry, has demonstrated its independently developed digital ink-jet solutions representing the latest trends of the industry in China after drupa2008. In the afternoon of the same day, sponsored by China printing and equipment industry association and founder electronics, and co organized by Guangdong Printing Association, Shanghai Xinmin sun Machinery Co., Ltd. and Fujifilm dimatix, Inc. (spectrum), the new product release and technical seminar of founder eaglejet H300 inkjet printing system, which welcomed the new wave of electronic supervision and grasped new business opportunities in the coding market, was grandly held in the chrysanthemum Hall of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At this meeting, Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. was a professional manufacturer of experimental machines after all, and received strong support from China printing and equipment industry association, manufacturers and media friends. The Eagle Jet H300 printing system suitable for variable data printing launched by Founder Electronics set off an upsurge of electronic supervision codes

(launch of new products of founder eaglejeth300)

as the sponsor, Mr. tanjunqiao, senior consultant of China printing and equipment industry association, made an important speech at the meeting. At the same time, on behalf of China printing and equipment industry association and the newly established label printing branch, he congratulated PKU founder on the new product launch of eaglejet H300 printing system. Mr. tanjunqiao said that the high-speed digital inkjet system eaglejet H300 launched by Founder Electronics is a product independently developed by founder electronics based on on-demand piezoelectric inkjet technology. Eaglejet H300 inkjet printing system with completely independent intellectual property rights marks that China's digital printing technology has jumped to a new level, and has also laid a solid foundation for the industrialization of China's high-end digital printing equipment

at present, from a global perspective, the inkjet digital printing industry is in a period of rapid development. Digital ink-jet printing with high resolution and fast output speed can be easily used online with traditional printing equipment such as offset printing and mimeograph printing; Different inks can be used to print on the surface of different materials, including paper, plastic film, self-adhesive, metal foil, etc; It is becoming more and more popular in label printing because of its low printing cost, little impact on the environment, simple operation and maintenance, and low requirements for printing. In the future, the proportion of inkjet printing in label printing will increase. It is predicted that 30% of label printing will adopt digital printing in the next few years

at the new product launch, Mr. tanjunqiao and Dong Ying, vice president of founder electronics, also happily unveiled the new product of Founder Eagle Jet H300. Once the new product of Eagle Jet H300 was unveiled, it received extensive attention from manufacturers and the media. In order to enable participants to better understand that eaglejet h300tpu has become an inevitable trend to replace PVC; Biocompatible and degradable materials will become a hot topic in the medical market; The functionality of materials will be paid more and more attention; New medical 3D printing raw materials will also become a hot topic of development. Mr. liuzhihong, development director of Founder electronic digital printing machine, introduced in detail the variable data printing system in the label field - founder eaglejet H300 digital printing system. Mr. liuzhihong introduced the eaglejet H300 from five aspects: product appearance, main technical specifications, production speed, service life and media compatibility. In addition, in terms of solutions, eaglejet H300 products have two options. One is the volume to volume solution. Traditional printing and digital printing can be completed at one time; The second scheme is sheet printing. Up to 6000 per hour. In order to meet the market tide and support the national policy, founder electronics has launched a comprehensive overall solution for assigning electronic supervision codes, which will relieve the worries of enterprises in implementing electronic supervision

the service of Founder Electronics has also become an important factor in the popularity of eaglejet H300. Founder Electronics has a wide range of service organizations and service networks all over the country. It can provide, door-to-door, including upgrading services, and carry out some personalized transformation according to the different needs of customers. This service is very important for production-oriented enterprises

the climax of the new product launch can be described as the successful signing ceremony of Beida founder and Shanghai Xinmin sun Machinery Co., Ltd. for problems such as short fixture life and hydraulic leakage. On the rotation equipment of Xinmin sun, Xinmin sun will be the exclusive agent of Founder Digital Printing and inkjet printing system. This strong alliance and win-win cooperation will produce 1 + 1> 2 gratifying cooperation results

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