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Founder garden and desktop publishing system founder of Peking University launched founder garden version 3.0 at the beginning of this year. Our company has the honor to become the first batch of test users of this version of software, and experienced the process of continuous improvement and perfection of Founder painting garden according to the actual needs of production. In order to make the colleagues in the industry better understand the fangzheng painting garden typesetting software, the author talks about some experience from the perspective of users

I. improve the level of desktop publishing and production

the level of desktop publishing and production in the industry today is not what it used to be when desktop publishing was just popularized fourorfive years ago. I think the production level can be divided into three categories:

the first category is to use only image processing software. The most famous image processing software is Photoshop, which has become a necessary tool for almost all graphic designers. However, it is obviously not enough to stay at this level for the production of high-level works. Take the magazine cover, which is the best in art design, for example. In order to make the effect better, in addition to creative and exquisite images, it is generally necessary to match words and graphics to obtain the icing on the cake effect. However, if text and graphic text are made at the resolution of the image, there will be missing strokes and jagged edges. Although Photoshop has the function of eliminating jagged edges, the edges will be blurred, reducing the clarity and the effect is not ideal. Therefore, in order to get better results, we should also develop to a higher level

the 2-D gold single crystal has more than nano scale geometric morphology. The second type is the comprehensive use of image and graphics processing software. The general practice is to use image processing software to process the image creatively, save the results as TIFF format file, then import them into the graphics processing software and then add them. The text and graphics are comprehensively processed (made up), and finally exported as EPS or PS files for output by the imagesetter. In this way, during rip, the image is output according to the image resolution (350dpi), while the text and graphics are output according to the output resolution of the typesetter (generally above 2400dpi), which significantly improves the output quality

if the final object of the design is the whole magazine or picture album, that is, the third category, in addition to using image and graphics processing software, we should also use typesetting software to enhance the innovative development of the new material industry in the province

the above rules can be verified from the customers we have contacted in the past. A few years ago, the documents delivered by customers were basically TFF files made of Photoshop, with all the text and graphics inside. At present, the documents delivered by customers are basically made with freehand, CorelDRAW, PageMaker and other graphics processing software and typesetting software. If the documents are only made with Photoshop, most of them are only a low resolution design sketch. From the research results of recycled plastic modified concrete abroad, it can be found that it is feasible for recycled plastic to be used in modified concrete, and they need to be remade. The low resolution images are replaced with high-resolution images, and the graphics and words can be output only after they are recomposed with graphics software or typesetting software. We have also come from this road. At the beginning, we used Photoshop to do everything. With the improvement of our own appreciation ability and customer requirements, we are no longer satisfied with jagged graphics and words, so we began to seek more appropriate software

founder art garden is a graphic design software integrating image processing, graphic creativity, text typesetting and layout design. As it has the function of automatic large-scale typesetting, it is also a typesetting software, which meets the needs of the graphic design field in the market and the development direction of computer direct plate making. It is another powerful tool to help professional users such as advertising companies, color printing plants and output centers improve their production standards

II. Improve production efficiency

as a company engaged in professional plate making, the work is characterized not by design but by copying according to the user's design requirements. In order to improve the production speed, we should pay attention to the use efficiency of the software

1. It is easy to master and operate.

in practice, it is found that the production based on replication also conforms to the famous "two eight rule", that is, 80% of the work only uses 20% of the functions of the software. As long as we work hard on these 20% functions of the software to make it easy to operate, we can make those 80% of the work done conveniently and quickly, and improve work efficiency. Fangzheng painting garden has realized automatic processing for many common functions, such as shadow, light, bedding, transparency, gradual melting, border adding, calendar and other effect objects (collectively referred to as images, graphics and words). The size, positioning, rotation angle and other functions can be completed with only one menu command. It has been designed according to the usage habits of domestic users, which is lacking in foreign designed software. Take calendar making for example. Our company has a lot of tasks to make calendars every year. In the past, even if the calendar was made, it was time-consuming, laborious and easy to make mistakes. The automatic calendar generation function of Founder garden can generate various common calendar styles in the market. It is also convenient to manually adjust special styles, and there are almost no errors in the text. The shortcut keys in the image processing function of Founder garden are basically the same as Photoshop, which provides convenience for users with Photoshop operation experience. Although the image processing of Founder garden is not as comprehensive as that of Photoshop, it has graphics and word processing functions that are not available in the current version of Photoshop, and has more image processing functions than freehand, CorelDRAW, PageMaker and other graphics processing software and typesetting software. In particular, it should be pointed out that the functions of Founder garden are common functions summarized in actual production and have strong practicability

2. improve the speed of image processing

when making up a page, the founder garden only operates on the displayed image by using the image plug-in method. Therefore, the reaction speed of the operation is very fast. The generated PS or EPS file may not contain image data, but only the parameters of the layout description. The file volume is very small, generally only a few hundred K, and the pressure on the system network is also very light. If the image effects such as transparency, virtual edge, gradual melting and luminescence are not performed, and only the image clipping, rotation, positioning, wall chart and other mosaic operations are performed, the PS and EPS files will be output for only a few seconds, which is similar to the effect of OPI. For the work with large production and relatively simple function requirements such as color album, only network transmission and output of files can save a lot of time and system resources. When Photoshop software integrates multiple images, one layer will be added as long as one image is opened. After several images are opened in succession, the amount of temporary files will be several times that of the layout. We have encountered as many as 1g of temporary files when making a wall calendar. Finally, we either reported insufficient memory or simply died. However, no matter how many images are opened, the amount of temporary files is almost the same as the amount of pages. The larger the amount of image data, the faster the live processing speed is

3. automatic large edition making

in the traditional printing process, there are two ways to make large edition. One is the single page large edition making method represented by Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Because of their fine division of labor, they are divided into different manufacturers for plate making, proofing and printing. Plate making to a single page out of the film, you can reduce rework costs; Proofing does not follow the hand folding method. Different jobs can also be combined into a large version for printing proofing, which increases flexibility and reduces costs; The printing house had to set up its own edition room and put together a large edition by folding. The other is the whole page large-scale edition method represented by large and medium-sized printing plants in the mainland. Because these plants are complete from plate making, printing to binding, the plate making workshop makes the whole page of film by folding hands and gives it to the printing workshop for printing. The printing workshop does not have a plate room. Our company belongs to the latter mode. Replacing manual plate making with computers and using computers to make large plates in the old way will not cause too great changes in the process and personnel structure. Moreover, we also realize that in the future, we will use computers to make plates and print directly, and making large plates is the development direction. Whether the desktop publishing system can make a large version has become a key consideration. For this reason, we specially visited several well-known plate making factories in Shenzhen. Most of them used PageMaker to make up plates, and the later process still followed the old process of making large plates by hand. They didn't find a big answer. Later, we came into contact with the signation of hydeburg and the BRISQUE impress of saiangel, and learned that the software with the function of automatic large version spelling is available. However, on the one hand, their interfaces are all in English, so it is difficult to master them. On the other hand, the price is also high, so we are not very inclined to use them. At this time, we have been using the beta version of Founder painting garden for some time, and we thought about whether we can use its mosaic function to make a large version. After the test, it is indeed OK, and there are many advantages: first, the positioning is accurate; Second, it will not be like some typesetting software. After a single page is rotated, the text will not be thrown where; The third is to use the single page file with stable and reliable performance of the garden to spell the large version, and then directly modify it on the large version; Fourth, the painting garden takes a single page as the work unit, and the large version also takes a single page as the unit, making the revision more convenient; Fifthly, if you use EPS files to make a large version, the speed is faster. The fly in the ointment is that there is no function to automatically spell the large version. We suggest to the project development team of Founder garden that this function can be added. According to our needs, the project co development team soon developed the function of automatic large version assembly as a module of Founder painting garden. In order to adapt to some special folding requirements, the interactive version making function is added to make the operation more flexible

4. multi page function

the multi page function is added in version 3.0 of the art garden, which makes it more convenient for the art garden to make magazines with many words. Compared with other software, it has many features: it supports multiple home pages, and can create, delete and copy home pages; The normal page can be converted to the home page; Set the page number, auxiliary line and other multi page common information in the home page; All single pages can be automatically output to multiple single page EPS files at the same time, which provides convenience for large version and revision. By using the "section" function of Huayuan version 3.0, a large multi page file can be easily cut into several small multi page files for several people to operate at the same time, which improves the work efficiency

5. Separate input of PSD file

this is also an added function of Huayuan version 3.0. This function provides a good interface for using Photoshop output results. Now many people use Photoshop to do complex image design, and the output result is a multi-layer PSD file. When inputting PSD to the mosaic page, each layer of PSD can be converted into the image format file of the garden, which can be modified at will in the mosaic page; In addition, EPS files can also be "folded" for input, and each element can be operated again in the composition page, which enhances the flexibility of the garden in typesetting design

6. when outputting PS/EPS files, text output supports downloading fonts

in order to make their designs more colorful and ornamental, advertising companies often use advertising text to decorate the layout, which is often not available in the back-end rip. When the founder old fonts are mixed with these fonts, they cannot all be converted into curves during output, but can only be converted into curves during composition, which brings trouble to modifying the text, because these words are already graphics. When outputting text in Huayuan version 3.0, you can choose to download all fonts, download selected fonts, do not download fonts, and turn curves. We generally use "download selected fonts" to set the fonts not available in the back-end rip to "selected", which makes it convenient to modify the text

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