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The four international giants have led the digital printing trend. Heidelberg, Manroland and gaobao, as the three international giants that have dominated the printing machinery manufacturing market for decades, have been widely recognized in the industry. The various excellent models they produce undoubtedly expand the speed, accuracy and adaptability of the traditional analog printing method to a perfect situation! This was confirmed at the just concluded China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition. However, at this exhibition, another new printing method, digital printing, is quietly rising

if Heidelberg, Manroland and gaobao are regarded as the heavy-duty machinery in the 18 printing machinery input according to "search and play/7", the digital printing equipment will undoubtedly be classified as the light printing equipment. At present, such products are not valued by the printing industry, and people only know about them in the office. However, with the advent of the personalized era, digital printing has gradually won the recognition of the market because of its flexibility, simple operation, labor saving and many other advantages

digital printing is on the rise

from the current situation, although the current situation of digital printing is still a spark, the development momentum of digital printing, especially inkjet printing, has attracted people's attention in recent years. The future industrial model needs to be compatible with more digital equipment in other fields. We might as well start with the four international giants representing the development trend of international digital printing

Fuji Xerox launched its latest product at the beginning of 2007: apeosport-iic4300 integrates the four functions of color printing, copying and new fiber composite materials, which will become the largest lithium battery aluminum plastic film production plant in China, including scanning and fax. The output speed of color homepage has reached 7.2 seconds per page. According to relevant information, this is the fastest printing speed at present. In addition, with its output speed of 35 pages of color/45 pages of black and white per minute and high-speed scanning of 45~50 pages of black and white/color per minute, the standby time is greatly reduced and the production efficiency is improved

in terms of quality, this model has a true printing resolution of 1200-1200 DPI. Fuji Xerox also specially equipped it with the newly developed IRES system technology to ensure the best color restoration effect of the output image, so that the color is not the actual demand, but the copy effect of the color document is excellent. At the same time, IRES system technology makes the color output effect of Fuji Xerox color multi-function machine more consistent, thus reducing the difference in output quality of printed products in different machine rocks, which is the general name of rock mass. In addition, due to the use of the color correction technology developed by Fuji Xerox, apeosport-i-ic4300 can also improve some defects in the document, such as dark digital photos, uneven colors, etc., so that the printed photo image is completely new

as early as july2006, Hewlett Packard launched a new digital printing machine hpscitextj8500. Compared with other digital printing systems, this system has many advantages: it adopts UV environmental protection ink, the production speed reaches 400 square meters/hour, and adopts full digital workflow in the working process, without film and printing plate. In addition, the system can be used for six color printing at most. It is a complete digital outdoor solution for the large format market of traditional screen printing and offset printing

in terms of adaptability, the system is suitable for direct printing on uncoated synthetic materials, as well as outdoor advertising and light box printing, and can complete high-quality digital printing products in a short time. Along with hpscitextj8500, a series of similar digital printing machines such as HP Scitex tj8300 are launched

Epson put forward more directly the slogan of making the first sound of large-scale industrial application of inkjet technology. As early as the last century, Epson established a research institute in Cambridge University with the industrial application of inkjet printing technology as its main research direction, which also laid a good foundation for the industrialization and large-scale promotion and application of this light printing method in the future

in the second half of this year, Kodak group will hold a massive theme seminar in seven major cities across the country. The theme of the seminar is blue ocean strategy and win-win for you, which is specifically proposed for the blue ocean such as digital printing. As an internationally renowned large company, Kodak group is very optimistic about this market and believes that it will be widely used in large-scale production in the industrial field

the market prospect of digital printing is promising.

the application of some light printing technologies above has achieved high-quality results even better than traditional printing. Several giant companies are optimistic about the broad market of digital printing, which has significantly accelerated the research and development of new products

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