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Foton Reza will lead in the application of new energy and promote LNG mixers

Foton Reza will lead in the application of new energy and promote LNG mixers

information on China's construction machinery

Guide: the national 12th Five year plan clearly states: to do green development and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. Nowadays, the development of green new energy is not only the inevitable requirement to achieve social and economic benefits, but also the key to the construction machinery industry. In response to the country's green environment for automobile use

the national "12th Five Year Plan" clearly states: do green development and build a resource-saving society. Several positive signals and environment-friendly society have emerged in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. Nowadays, the development of green new energy is not only the inevitable requirement to achieve social and economic benefits, but also the key to the construction machinery industry. In response to the national green initiative for the automobile use environment, Foton Reza has actively invested in the technology research and development of new power energy, striving to upgrade the product technology and innovation. In the near future, Foton Reza will launch LNG natural gas powered mixer, which combines the advantages of high-end technology and green energy. Compared with Foton Reza IV 52m pump truck launched in 2011, Foton Reza LNG natural gas powered mixer truck will undoubtedly further enrich the front of its environmental protection products. It is a new start for Foton Reza to practice energy conservation and environmental protection in its mixer truck products, and will also pave the way for Foton Reza to lead the industry in building a "green city"

lng new energy application -- a new trend of environmental protection

in 2011, the sales revenue of the construction machinery industry exceeded RMB 500 billion, becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the machinery industry. However, due to the large amount of construction machinery, high fuel consumption, poor emissions and serious pollution, it is urgent to choose suitable green energy to replace the traditional power energy. Experts say LNG is a clean and efficient energy. After replacing fuel oil with LNG, it can reduce 90% of carbon dioxide emissions and 80% of nitrogen oxide emissions, and effectively reduce PM2.5 emissions. It has obvious environmental benefits and is a high-quality alternative fuel for automobiles

lng, as a clean energy for sustainable development, has obvious environmental and social benefits. Relevant institutions predict that by 2020, China will have more than 3trillion cubic meters of new recoverable natural gas reserves, and the cumulative proved recoverable natural gas reserves will reach more than 6trillion cubic meters. The annual output of natural gas will increase from the current 70billion cubic meters to 120billion cubic meters - 150billion cubic meters, with obvious reserves advantages. In addition, in terms of market share, by the end of 2011, China had nearly one million natural gas vehicles. Among them, LNG (liquefied natural gas) vehicles have attracted more and more attention. It is growing at an average annual rate of 20% and is expected to exceed 70000 by the end of this year. It is estimated that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, China will have 5000 to 6000 LNG filling stations. The above data show that the conditions for LNG vehicle utilization are becoming more and more stable after 21 rounds of salute, and the environmental protection of power energy is the general trend

practice the application of new energy - Foton Reza strives to be a pioneer in environmental protection

in response to the national initiative to vigorously develop green new energy, Foton Reza intends to break the traditional power source. Compared with other brands in the industry, Foton Reza has a foundation for technological research and development. It is reported that as the big tree behind Foton rexa, BAIC Foton Motor Co., Ltd. recently signed a sales contract with Beijing public transport holding (Group) Co., Ltd. for 90 LNG buses with bj6180c8ctd national V emission standard. Foton has taken the initiative in the development of new energy sources. In view of this, relying on Foton's R & D foundation for LNG natural gas power, Foton Reza has carried out its own technology R & D and application, launched LNG (liquefied natural gas) mixer to meet environmental protection requirements, took it as its own responsibility to lead the industry to explore new areas of green energy conservation, constantly challenged the technical limit, and provided customers with more delivered value

it is reported that Foton Reza LNG (liquefied natural gas) mixer truck will break through the previous power energy and strive to achieve high efficiency and environmental protection. Compared with the previous CNG energy, it has the following advantages: first, the natural gas in the liquefaction process is further purified, with higher purity, which can reduce the corrosion to the engine; Second, increase the energy storage density. The volume is 1/625 of the standard state, which is three times that of CNG storage. The driving range reaches km; Third, since the storage pressure of LNG on-board bottle is only 1.6Mpa, it has better safety and lower use and management cost than the 20MPa storage pressure of CNG to overcome this problem; In addition, the inner and outer tanks of LNG on-board bottle storage container are made of high-quality stainless steel, without corrosion; Fourth, LNG can be transported economically and reliably over long distances. The construction of LNG filling stations is not restricted by natural gas pipelines. On land, a 52 cubic meter LNG (equivalent to 35000nm3 natural gas) transport semi-trailer can transport LNG as far as the transportation of gasoline and diesel, so that LNG stations and LNG vehicles can be promoted in major cities across the country. Today, with the soaring oil price, Foton Reza natural gas powered mixer will save costs for customers, improve work efficiency and realize its purpose of "creating maximum value for customers". In the future, it will also be recognized by more and more merchants in the industry

since the establishment of the brand, Foton Reza has always taken innovative technology as its fundamental pursuit. Closely follow the national policy guidance, vigorously develop green energy-saving technologies, and integrate the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection into product design. LNG (liquefied natural gas) mixer truck is the product of Foton Reza taking the lead in combining green technology innovation and application with the enterprise's sustainable development strategy. It is a product in line with the development trend of the industry. It will certainly provide Foton Reza with more municipal PVC and other construction, municipal engineering and home decoration plastic pipe inspection sites and customer recognition

Foton Reza, as a volunteer responsible for helping the commercial and mixed industry achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, has the courage to face challenges and innovation. In the future, the responsibility and mission of Foton Reza people is to continue to bring more energy-saving products to the commercial and mixed market with enthusiasm and passion, create more value for customers, and constantly push through the old to bring forth the new, which is bound to win the commercial and mixed industry and create a new trend of environmental protection in the industry. (Foton Reza)

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