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Founder Abby helped build digital publishing and printing in Guangxi on May 29, the Guangxi Branch of 2013 digital publishing seminar hosted by founder Abby was grandly held in Nanning Hotel, Guangxi Province. Yangweiye, deputy director of the audio-visual and digital publishing division of the Publishing Bureau of Guangxi Autonomous Region, and more than 10 representatives of publishing houses including Guangxi People's Publishing House and Guangxi Education Publishing House attended the meeting to discuss the digital publishing technology and operation mode with Founder Abby, a leading digital publishing enterprise

director yangweiye said in his speech to the seminar that publishing units in Guangxi Province should try more new publishing operation modes in the field of digital publishing. Yang Kai, director of Founder APPI publishing industry, analyzed the situation of digital publishing at home and abroad, and introduced in detail the new generation of format document format cebx of Founder APPI, and the methods of cloud publishing service platform in solving the problems of digital publishing format of publishing houses and the external sales and operation mode of digital resources

cebx, as the basic format of the industry standard "digital reading terminal content presentation format" issued by the General Administration of publication on February 28, 2013, attracted wide attention at the meeting

director Fang Zheng Apabi Yang Kai made a detailed analysis of the differences between cebx and PDF and ePub formats proposed by the participants. Director Yang Kai said that if our publishing unit is in the process of digital output, and if your electronic components and parts need a folded version, the exported file format is cebx, then one-time production + one-time release = full terminal application can be realized

compared with the previous publishing houses, in order to meet the needs of printing paper newspapers, paper books, pad and other mobile applications, the production documents need to be typeset for many times so that they can be published into PDF, ePub, azw and other formats for many times. The emergence of cebx format tension machine sensor in short supply will greatly save the labor cost and time cost of the publishing house

at the same time, director Yang Kai said that if the publishing house joined founder Apabi's cloud publishing service platform, it would also eliminate the problem that the publishing house lacked sales channels for digital resources in the digital publishing era

because one end of the founder Apache cloud publishing service platform is connected to the publishing house, providing the publishing house with digital tools and copyright protection tools, effectively ensuring that the resources of the publishing house are protected for digital processing and publishing; One end is connected to channel providers, such as Taobao e-book, telecom Tianyue library, step-by-step customer, Gehua cable, etc. channel providers directly get books from publishers through the cloud platform. The platform also provides billing and sharing services for the publishing house and channel providers to ensure the smooth cooperation and sharing of soft colors

the cebx format and cloud publishing service platform brought by founder Abby to Guangxi Publishing Units aroused great interest of the participants. The participants generally said that these two products have solved the two major problems of the publishing house in the construction of digital publishing. They hope to carry out in-depth cooperation with Founder Abby in the near future

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