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Founder Futures: strong confrontation between long and short fuel prices

external market: due to the weak demand for refined oil, the international crude oil futures closed down yesterday to achieve transformation and upgrading. NYMEX December crude oil futures closed down US $0.56, or 1.02%, at US $54.39 per barrel. This is the lowest settlement price of US $54.01 received on january29,2007. The trading range ranged from $54.13 to $55.98. London Brent crude oil futures in December closed down by US $0.47 or 0.9%, and the settlement price was US $51.84 per barrel, which was the lowest since the heater in the box was equipped with PT-100 standard platinum resistance in both oil properties but failed to meet the requirements. Domestic: 0902, the main contract of Shanghai fuel oil, opened higher, then the futures price fluctuated in a narrow range, the trading volume decreased, and the position continued to increase. The final closing price was 24 yuan/ton higher than the settlement price of the previous trading day. The domestic market seems to have decoupled from the international market in the past two days. Yesterday, the long and short positions increased sharply, the trading volume reached a historical record, and the price rebounded from the bottom. The trend of fuel oil yesterday was somewhat similar to that of zhengshangsuo sugar 0905 contract on October 15 - it also rose against the market when the surrounding markets fell; Similarly, the long and short positions increased significantly, and the trading volume reached a historical record; The power to do long also comes from the funds on the seats of Zhejiang futures company. Yesterday, the long position increase was mainly concentrated in some seats of Zhejiang futures companies, such as Zhejiang Yong'an, Xinhu futures, Zhejiang Dayue, etc; The increase of short positions mainly comes from seats with spot background, such as huataixing, PetroChina fuel, etc. If the long and short forces are dominated by speculative funds, since the short positions are not guaranteed by cash, the long positions can often gain control over the price by virtue of the advantage of funds, thus rapidly raising the futures price. However, when the main short sellers are the hedgers with a large number of spot stocks, and the fuel oil fundamentals are still extremely weak, the possibility of the long sellers to significantly increase the futures price is greatly reduced. It is suggested that empty orders can continue to be held and short positions can be appropriately sold at high prices

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