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Four cylinder four stroke 25 kW gasoline generator

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four cylinder four stroke 2 industry leaders such as nanmeixin and beihelong have also emerged in China. The 5 kW gasoline generator daniazawa gasoline generator set adopts the high-power engine improved by the latest technology. It is manufactured by Taiyang Electric Co., Ltd., a Japanese" joint stock company "with more than 60 years of professional production of generator sets Made by heart. Reliable production and quality, superior function. It is one of the most advanced products in the world with the same power generator set. In the past two years, the market has gradually expanded. The annual sales volume of danieze has reached, but the material properties remain unchanged or even higher to 1billion yuan

many people are worried about purchasing gasoline generators and diesel generators directly from the manufacturer. The main reason is that they are afraid that the manufacturer's after-sales services are not in place. They can do business at the dealer's side. Therefore, many people are willing to spend more money on generators in the dealer's hands rather than directly purchase them from the manufacturer. In fact, the main thing about generators is their motors and power. A good generator, Its motor and power are very good. If the motor and power of the generator are broken, the dealer can't repair it, so they can only send it to the factory for repair. If the generator shows some small results, ordinary people can handle it.

primary technical specifications and parameters

generator technology parameters

after sales service: in the process of using our machinery, you only need not often operate against the rules, In ordinary circumstances, there will be no results. If the vulnerable parts show some small results, we can help you deal with them. We can save you the trouble of finding scissors or ballpoint pens to puncture the packaging. We will send you the parts by express. If there are major mechanical problems, such as power or motor, no matter where your machinery is purchased, it needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance, Within the warranty period. Only if all the costs generated by the mechanical quality results are borne by our manufacturer (2) LCD Chinese character display

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