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Founder Electronics: the era of cloud computing welcomes the future of digital printing

the 2011 China Printing forum and the 9th printing industry exchange association across the Taiwan Straits and four places, hosted by the China Printing Technology Association and the China Institute of Printing Science and technology, was held in Shanghai Kerry hotel. The competent government leaders of China's printing industry, international well-known printing industry organizations, experts, scholars and representatives of global well-known printing enterprises attended, Liuxiaokun, chairman of Beijing Beida Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Founder Electronics) was invited to attend the forum and delivered a speech entitled "digital printing in the cloud computing era", which focused on the future development trend of the printing industry under the influence of cloud computing and Internet technology, and won high attention in the industry

in his imagination of the future printing industry, chairman Liu Xiaokun opened with a new story of an American girl: with the popularization of Internet, the construction of cloud infrastructure and the substantial improvement of performance, on-demand sales will become the mainstream, and on-demand printing will also become the product of the general trend. This means that end users can even directly participate in the design and production of printed matter, and they will determine the future technology trend and business model changes

development trend of digital printing

the premise of personalized and on-demand printing is the realization and popularization of digital printing technology. According to the introduction of chairman liuxiaokun, in 2009, the annual installed capacity of global digital printing equipment was more than 10000 units, and it will develop steadily with an annual installed capacity of more than 10% in the next five years. At present, the development speed of China's digital printing is relatively slow, but according to authoritative data, in the next decade, the installed capacity of China's digital printing equipment will account for more than 30% of the global market, with an annual growth rate of more than 20%, much higher than the global growth rate. In the application of market segments, the growth of digital printing in the newspaper and label market will be far ahead. Due to the impact of electronic equipment, the market as a whole is in a downward trend, but the proportion of digital printing in it will rise against the trend. Especially with the breakthrough of digital printing technology in speed and cost, digital ink-jet printing will further strengthen its competition with traditional printing. It is not difficult to imagine that in the future, it will adapt to ordinary paper and achieve stable industrial production at the speed level of high-end offset printing

in the next ten years, we will see that the quality and quantity of digital printing products in all application fields will increase, chairman liuxiaokun pointed out in his speech

change of printing business model

in turn, digital printing technology will boost the development of cloud printing and change of business model, because in the future, customers' attention to purchasing technology will focus on industrialization, modularization, service and application software. From the perspective of manufacturers, after all technologies go to the market, the accuracy of domestic experimental machines is generally at level 1 and 0.5, including service The supporting application software system must be the focus of future development. Chairman liuxiaokun concluded

it is reported that in the developed countries in Europe and the United States, the change of the business model of the printing industry has begun to take shape. Two new types of printing ecosphere have emerged, one is a centralized production model that gives full play to scale benefits, and the other is a distributed production model that greatly reduces logistics costs. Among them, centralized production can not only give play to the characteristics of personalized production of digital printing, but also reflect the economies of scale of centralized production, while distributed printing can make a rapid response to consumer demand and reduce logistics costs

welcome digital printing in the cloud computing era

in the view of chairman Liu Xiaokun, it technology is an essential basic element in meeting the demand of printing on demand and laying out the application of new printing technology and business model, which can be seen from the enthusiasm of enterprises with it background to continuously invest in the printing equipment industry

founder electronics, which has a deep accumulation of IT technology, is also following the trend and actively seeking layout. At present, the technical level of Founder digital ink-jet printer has reached the international first-class level. It has more than 100 patents (more than 40 patents have been authorized) including nozzle control system, ink supply control system, control software and more than 20 international patents. It has preliminarily formed a technical system of independent intellectual property rights and realized independent research and development and cost control capabilities. Founder digital inkjet printing machine has successively launched three series of products: jieying h, l and P. its stable and reliable operation performance in the actual production environment also makes it have a good market response

2011, founder electronics officially launched the W2P platform, China's first online printing cloud service platform for the printing industry. On this platform, printing enterprises can use the Internet cloud service mode to realize business electronization, digitalization and networking. While improving the service efficiency of enterprises and maintaining existing customers, it should build a flat e-commerce platform based on B2C

according to the introduction of chairman liuxiaokun, founder electronics has undertaken the national key project digital printing and printing digital national project during the 12th Five Year Plan period. In this project, founder electronics will complete a complete publishing and printing solution from CTP to inkjet digital printing machine. At present, the company has been established in Guangxi government printing plant, Intellectual Property Publishing House, century Tianhong education group The National Engineering Research Center for new electronic publishing technology and other units have built an inkjet digital printing demonstration application base, which has also become the first batch of Founder national inkjet digital printing demonstration application bases

it can be predicted that in the near future, the traditional printing industry will be gradually abandoned by the new printing technology, business model and printing concept, and will usher in a new round of development after transformation. Founder Electronics has obviously made full preparations for the digital printing in the cloud computing era

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