Liquid wallpaper fish dragon mixed beads seven tip

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1. Look at the color: it should have bright pearlescent color and metal refraction effect. For example, whether the gold color is similar to the color of oily gold foil paint. Liquid wallpaper of any color should have a certain refraction effect to ensure the vividness of the pattern. Some special colors should also have a magic color effect to produce different colors at different angles, such as red on the left and purple on the right, Poor quality liquid wallpaper has only refraction effect but no pearlescent effect, even no refraction effect, or pearlescent and metal effects are not obvious. At present, only a few manufacturers in China can really master the core technology of magic color

2. Smell: there must be no irritating smell or oily smell (some liquid wallpapers have a faint fragrance, but the fragrance belongs to the spice added later, which has nothing to do with quality)

3. Look at the liquid: there is no sedimentation, flocculation, deterioration and other phenomena during storage

4. Look at the ingredients: the main ingredients of the product should be environmental friendly pearlescent raw materials (such as high-end lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish and other products for women) to ensure the environmental protection of the product

5. Water and alkali resistance: observe and verify the water and alkali resistance of the product. A good product should be waterproof, alkali resistant and yellow for 20 years

6. Consistency and viscosity: after mixing evenly, there are no impurities and particles, and the paint is fine and smooth. The liquid wallpaper is dense and should not be too thin or too thick

7. Look at the mold: in the construction mold, the photosensitive film pattern is clear and distinct, the elasticity is moderate, the film surface is tight and firm, the wire mesh is evenly distributed, and the film tension is even and flat. After construction, the liquid wallpaper forms a film quickly on the wall for 2 or 3 minutes, and there should be no flowing phenomenon during correct construction. After the scraped liquid wallpaper wall is completely stable, wipe it with a wet cloth, and the pattern is pasted closely with the wall, and there will be no falling off when wiping it with force





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