Characteristics and decorative effect of soft film

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1. Fire prevention function

soft film ceiling has met the fire prevention standards of many countries. British bsstandard476 Part 7 class iy, American ASTM, European M1 and national standard code no:2000 1132. The domestic fire protection standard is grade B1. In short, general building materials (such as wood, gypsum board and metal ceiling) will spread fire and heat to other places after being exposed to high temperature or burning. However, after the soft film ceiling is burned, it will only melt through itself, and contract automatically within a few seconds until it leaves the fire source, and then automatically stops, and will not release harmful gases or solutions to hurt people or property

2. Energy saving function

first of all, the surface of the soft film smooth ceiling is made according to the film screen. If you look closely at the surface, you can find countless concave convex lines, and this purpose is to strengthen the refraction of the light. Therefore, we strongly encourage users to install wall lamps or inverted lights to enhance the effect. This method can reduce the number of light sources. Moreover, the essence of soft film ceiling is made of PVC material, which can greatly improve the insulation function and reduce the indoor temperature loss, especially in places that often need to turn on the air conditioner. The principle is the same as that divers wear diving suits to delay the loss of body temperature in the sea water

3. Antibacterial function

because soft film ceiling has been pre mixed before leaving the factory, which is called bio— Antibacterial treatment of PRUF. This trademark has been registered in the United States. And has 30 years of experience. After this special treatment, the material can resist and prevent microorganisms (such as general mold) from growing on the surface of the object, so that it can provide an additional guarantee to ordinary users, especially children's bedrooms and bathrooms. It is a product designated by the Hong Kong Medical Association

4. Waterproof function

generally, water leakage accidents on traditional ceilings often cause users to be very embarrassed, and because they fail to stop the water leakage immediately, the indoor property is destroyed; Even affecting the lower level housing, Zhuosheng soft film ceiling is made of PVC soft film, and the installation structure adopts closed design, so in case of water leakage, it can temporarily support the sewage, so that the owner can deal with it in time

5. Rich colors

soft film ceiling has 95 colors and 8 types to choose from, such as matte surface, smooth surface, suede surface, metal surface, hole surface and transparent surface. All kinds of fabrics have their own characteristics. The diameter of the hole surface can be 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 10mm and other types for designers to choose

6. Infinite creativity

because the soft film ceiling is a kind of soft material, and its shape is determined according to the shape of the keel. So the shape is more casual and diverse. It is a revolution of smallpox to let designers have a broader creative space

7. Convenient installation

can be directly installed on walls, wood squares, steel structures, gypsum walls and wood walls. Suitable for various building structures. And the keel of the soft film can be fixed evenly with screws at a certain distance, which is very convenient for installation. During the whole installation process, there will be no solvent volatilization, no dust falling, no impact on other structures in the space, and even the installation can be carried out in the normal production and living process

8. Excellent anti-aging performance

the soft film and buckle edge of the ceiling are specially aged, and the keel is made of aluminum alloy, with a service life of more than 20 years. Within ten years, we will replace the world free of charge for the non-human damage, deformation and discoloration

9. Safety and environmental protection

Zhuosheng soft film ceiling has outstanding advantages in environmental protection. It fully conforms to various European and domestic testing standards. The soft film is all made of environmental friendly raw materials and does not contain harmful substances such as cadmium and ethanol. It can be 100% recycled. In the process of manufacturing, transportation, installation, use and recycling, it will not have any impact on the environment, which fully conforms to the environmental protection theme of today's society

10. Ideal acoustic effect

the relevant tests of relevant professional colleges have proved that this material can effectively improve the indoor timbre effect. Several of these materials can effectively insulate sound. It is an ideal sound insulation decorative material

11. Wonderful effect combined with light

the translucent film in the soft film ceiling can organically combine with various lighting systems (such as fluorescent lights and neon lights) to show a perfect interior decoration effect. At the same time, it eliminates the shortcomings of heavy, dangerous and small pieces of glass or plexiglass, and has gradually become a new decorative highlight




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