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Tai'an transformer manufacturer answers the working principle of the transformer for you.

Tai'an transformer manufacturer answers the working principle of the transformer for you. Liaoning Hengcheng Electric Co., Ltd. has provided high-quality power transformers and various special transformers to the power, metallurgy, mining and chemical industries inside and outside the province for many years, which has been trusted and praised by users. Based on the verification of ISO 9001 quality system, it controls the whole process from raw materials entering the factory to finished products leaving the factory with advanced technology and perfect quality assurance system, and enjoys a high reputation in the market with considerate after-sales service. General manager Xu Zimo is willing to encourage colleagues from all walks of life

according to the development requirements of the overall structure of high-frequency electronic transformer, the development direction of magnetic core structure is plane magnetic core, chip magnetic core and film magnetic core. In the past, some Planar cores were modified with the original soft ferrite cores, but now there are various low height soft ferrite cores specially used for planar transformers. It is also possible to develop various low height soft magnetic composite cores in the future. In addition to further compressing the plane magnetic core, there are also chip magnetic cores made by CO firing method. Thin film cores and magnetic materials are now one of the most active development directions of high-frequency electronic transformers, and will become the main core materials and structures of high-frequency electronic transformers above MHz. It is possible to make the height of thin-film electronic transformers less than 1 mm, which can be loaded into various cards. Several centers have been established in China to vigorously study. Now we hope to combine the material development, electronic transformer manufacturing and application units, and turn the domestically developed thin-film soft magnetic material into the magnetic core of high-frequency electronic transformer in electronic information products as soon as possible, so as to form a domestic thin-film transformer with independent intellectual property rights

during the operation of the transformer, in order to maintain the safety of the operating environment of the transformer to the negative maximum safety and the safety of the operator's life, a lot of protective measures have been taken in the design and manufacture of the transformer, especially the absorption of harmful 2 oxidation by the transformer, which facilitates the strict selection of materials, carbon and dust particles. The self-contained protective measures of the 2-in-1 mask are relatively perfect protective measures, Among all these protective measures of transformer, cold standby and hot standby are relatively perfect. They are protective measures under very cold and hot environments respectively. They play a great role in the overall operation of transformer and are powerful technologies in the transformer industry. It is necessary for us to protect and understand these two protective measures: first The cold standby of large transformer may encounter some difficulties when it is in urgent need of input, resulting in the error of emergency input. The hot standby does not have the above problems. Cold standby transformers are usually operated skillfully as power supply bureaus, and hot standby is better for enterprises, hospitals, etc. II Hot backup refers to theoretically two identical power supplies working in parallel in the circuit at the same time (in fact, it can be different that our electricity works in this way). When one of them breaks down or stops for maintenance, cut off the output load and only use the power supply that is still working. The load power can only be less than the power supply power of one of the two parallel power supplies. The switching process is fully automatic and uninterrupted without gap. It is used in the equipment department that cannot be powered off at level I and level II. III Cold backup refers to the two power supplies, which are divided into primary and secondary power supplies. The main power supply output and the secondary power supply do not output. When the main power supply is shut down, the secondary power supply will automatically switch output immediately. The switching process is intermittent and intermittent. One stops output, and the other can output on top. Although the switching process is instantaneous, it is intermittent. Applied to general equipment department. These two protections of the transformer can be opened by the operator under two environments, which provides a better environment for the transformer environment, and also guarantees the personal safety of the operator

when the output voltage of the transformer is higher than the allowable value, adjust the tap changer position from gear III to gear II, or gear II to gear I. After adjusting the gear, measure the DC resistance value of each winding with a DC bridge. Check that the difference between the resistance values of each winding is greater than two, and it must be readjusted. Otherwise, after operation, the dynamic and static contacts will heat up due to poor contact, even discharge, and damage the transformer. Power on after confirming that there is no error, and check the voltage. The gear of the power transformer (it should be called "beam connection switch in the sub ball screw pair drive") has two kinds of "on load" and "off load"

Liaoning Hengcheng Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional transformer factory restructured and combined by the power transformer branch of yuanyifa Transformer Co., Ltd. It is located in the west of the beautiful ancient city of Liaoyang and near the Liaoyang exit of Shenyang Dalian Expressway. The transportation is very convenient. It is a bright star enterprise created by reform and opening up. General manager Xu Zimo is willing to encourage colleagues from all walks of life. Tai'an transformer manufacturer will answer the working principle of the transformer for you

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