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Systematic maintenance training standardized printing direct attack - the 2012 Heidelberg system service tour Nanjing station was successfully held

after Shanghai and Wenzhou Longgang, Heidelberg annual tour brought practical and efficient technology updates to Nanjing

Nanjing printing output value exceeded 10 billion for the first time. Printing enterprises pay more attention to the standardized operation and maintenance of equipment

the tour goes deep into Nanjing lean printing workshop, teaches and answers questions on site, The audience benefited a lot

on September 13, 2012, the 2012 Heidelberg system service technology experimental machine organic clothing in packaging technology seminar hosted by the Shanghai Representative Office of Heidelberg China Co., Ltd. toured Jiangsu and was successfully held in Nanjing Jingyi Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing Jingyi). The Heidelberg system service technology seminar of this website received strong support from Nanjing Jingyi. Nearly 30 production front-line captains and printing technology backbones from Nanjing and surrounding areas gathered in the Jingyi printing workshop to experience Heidelberg systematic maintenance training on the front line of printing production and directly hit the standardized printing process

Nanjing, with its unique geographical location as a hub connecting the East and the west, as an important gateway city radiating from the Yangtze River Delta and driving the development of the central and western regions, has achieved considerable development in the printing industry in recent years, with a total output value of more than 10 billion yuan for the first time in 2011. With the further development and expansion of the industry, more and more printing enterprises pay more attention to the standardized operation and regular maintenance of machinery while investing in first-class printing equipment. The activity of Nanjing station of Heidelberg department to build a batch of production and utilization demonstration platform system service technology seminar came into being in this call

in the event of Nanjing station of system service technology seminar, Heidelberg broke the bottleneck of talking on paper and strived to be practical, practical and practical. Zhou calyx, a senior engineer from Heidelberg system service department, explained to the guests the key points to remember in the standardized printing process, supplemented by the actual operation of the real machine on site, so as to strengthen the impression of the audience and deepen the understanding of the visitors. Focusing on the stability of machine performance, the correct adjustment and regular and reasonable maintenance of the printing machine, the guests at the scene, in their empathy, also compared with the situation and problems they encountered in actual production, raised their doubts and problems about the daily use of ink rollers, fountain solution, blanket, paper and ink. At the same time, the consumables involved in the training process, such as the correct and appropriate addition of fountain solution, the use of conductivity to control the water change cycle, and other subtle experiences that can make equipment maintenance get twice the result with half the effort, were further explained and analyzed by zhoushilin, the sales director of Heidelberg Shanghai materials department. In addition, after further communicating with their customers about the year of equipment installation and the use of spare parts, Zhu Yingbo, sales representative of Heidelberg Shanghai system service department, introduced the Heidelberg system service plan and the recent preferential services for Heidelberg original spare parts. In an atmosphere of rigorous technology and harmonious conversation, the guests on site paid attention to the voices of their peers and actively shared their experiences. Under the same printing sky, Heidelberg always jumps out many particles and causes a lot of dust while leading printing practitioners to experience fresh vision and good touch, and also shares what they really want in their daily production

since the 2012 Heidelberg system service technology seminar was launched in July, it has toured three places, sprouting from Shanghai, blooming in Longgang and shining in Nanjing. Do not arbitrarily extend the length of the grounding wire wherever you go. Practitioners in the brush industry come in droves, thirsty for knowledge and eager for excellence. Next, the technology tour will continue to travel in South China. Heidelberg promises that in the process of constantly showing that printing brings happiness and enjoyment to people, Heidelberg will consistently lead the printing industry to explore its potential and improve productivity

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