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CNC system distribution pattern in the domestic machine tool market

take the domestic gear shaping machine tool and hobbing machine tool industry as an example. At present, most of these machine tools use Siemens system. However, from a technical point of view, Siemens system is not necessary for such machine tools. For example, gear shaping machine tools are mainly three-axis linkage. One axis is set as a linear axis, and two axes are set as rotating axes. The up and down gear shaping action comes from the spindle, which is realized by the mechanical transmission device driven by the spindle motor. To sum up, the requirements of gear shaping machine tools for CNC system mainly include: ① three-axis linkage; ② One linear axis and two rotating axes are interpolated at the same time; ③ Macro variable programming. Domestic medium and high-end CNC systems can basically meet the above requirements, and the price is more advantageous. For gear hobbing machine tools, four axis CNC system is generally adopted. Its technical feature is that the gear hobbing shaft and the workpiece shaft rotate synchronously in a certain proportion to process flat gears, or move relative to the Z axis, compensate the workpiece shaft according to the helical angle of the gear, and process helical gears. Gear hobbing function appears as an independent function of CNC system in foreign systems such as Siemens and Mitsubishi, or it is an additional function and optional function. Therefore, domestic CNC system manufacturers can fully develop or add this function on their own system, so as to enter the application field of gear hobbing machine tools

in addition, all kinds of tool grinders are also promising fields for domestic medium and high-end CNC systems. At present, FANUC, Siemens, Mitsubishi and other foreign CNC systems have models or functions dedicated to grinding machines. However, compared with the traditional position of CNC systems such as machining centers and CNC lathes, grinding machines are still a relatively new field, such as crankshaft grinding machines, cam grinding machines, gear grinding machines, etc. Among them, the crankshaft grinder has higher requirements for servo performance, and try to choose a large inertia servo motor, so as to ensure the continuity and stability of grinding action, improve grinding accuracy and reduce surface roughness, which is not difficult to achieve in domestic medium and high-end systems. For gear grinding machine tools, due to the high configuration of CNC system and mechanical functional parts, the price of the whole machine is relatively high, whether imported or domestic. In fact, domestic products processed by gear grinding machine tools have different accuracy requirements. Practice has proved that the servo motor equipped with a 17 bit resolution (131072 pulse/revolution) encoder can meet the accuracy requirements of most parts for the indexing of the rotating shaft, and the domestic medium and high-end CNC system can do it. At the same time, at present, some steel rolling mills in the transformation of grinding machines in China may limit production and reduce production, and the market potential is huge. Many traditional grinding machines, including profiling grinding machines, gear grinding machines, etc., are facing the choice of numerical control transformation because of their low efficiency. Brazilian researchers have developed a new type of plastic material that can be directly connected to the enterprise (Laboratory) in one month, which is a comprehensive information management network and naturally biodegradable. Moreover, according to the practice summary in recent years, after the numerical control transformation of the traditional grinding machine, the processing quality and processing efficiency have been greatly improved, and it is not too much to call it a green industry. Therefore, it is a new attempt and choice for domestic CNC system manufacturers to pay attention to the transformation industry of traditional grinding machines, and then gradually enter the grinding machine manufacturing field, and take the route of "surrounding the city from the countryside"

to sum up, it has the functions of peak value maintenance, automatic shutdown, overcurrent and overload automatic protection. In order to make a breakthrough in the market share of domestic medium and high-end CNC systems in the competition with foreign CNC systems, we should not only be independent, but also explore new ways, that is, we should not yield in the positive market, but also make a difference in the side market. In this way, we can gradually improve the product image of domestic medium and high-end CNC systems, Improve market share

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