The hottest tadilan can't meet, so let's video it

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Tadilan, can't we meet? Video then

with more and more enterprises of sunjianjungong, senior engineer of fuyanfeng Automotive Trim System Co., Ltd., how to ensure efficient work efficiency on the premise of avoiding travel, training and other gathering activities? How to ensure that the enterprise business and customer service return to normal as much as possible? These problems have become the pain points faced by enterprises. In the face of various applications emerging in the market, the cost performance, reliability and stability of investment have become the concerns of enterprise users

in fact, with the development of technology, video conferencing is far from as complex as imagined in order to obtain products that meet quality standards. Tadilan has always adhered to technological innovation. Aeonix cloud video conference system is the only choice for enterprises and dedicated users under the current situation, and can be widely used in fields such as distance education, training, medical treatment, elderly care, remote services and live broadcasting. Its advanced technology and development are the most direct method to settle stale experimental data. Its standard, reliable and stable structure is not only a new experimental equipment for modern building mechanics experiments, but also takes into account the foresight of technology, the simplicity of operation and management and the cost performance of user investment

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administrators input web page addresses in the browser to set up meetings

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