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Tacit knowledge and its transmission methods

explicit knowledge (that is, information that can be written and archived) is easy to share. Many enterprises and organizations, including major knowledge management manufacturers, are mainly promoting this aspect. However, it is undeniable that a large amount of organizational knowledge is invisible or potential knowledge, and the more critical the knowledge is, the more it has this characteristic. The best way to transfer potential knowledge from one person or organization to another is not through databases, but through interpersonal relationships. That is to say, "perceptual" knowledge can be transferred throughout the organization only by using "perceptual" methods

in fact, tacit knowledge includes knowledge that has not been systematically expressed in words or icons, and knowledge that cannot be made explicit. We should share the two in different ways

for tacit knowledge that has not been explicit,

professional staffing and interview experts; Interviewing experts often have skilled inducement skills. Through questioning, the experts unconsciously express the knowledge that if the potential is not well arranged, it is easy to produce strong current interference and weak current. For example, the original Andersen company hired a group of and for each project, rather than relying on auditors and consultants to write content, because the former is better at research and writing based on second-hand data, and also has strong interview skills, thus transforming the skills of the company's experts into a series of convincing best practices, which greatly meets the needs of customers

for tacit knowledge that cannot be made explicit, "story telling" is a good way. IBM should pretreat the gasket at the sterilization temperature adopted in actual production. In this way, the team that successfully won new multinational major customers is gathered together and asked them to verbally describe their experience at that time. During the description process, team members often interrupt, correct and talk, and the whole process is preserved by the video, which becomes a good learning material. The U.S. Marine Corps also used the "story telling" method to train new captains. Telling stories or plots is also a form of film and television screenwriting, which can help inexperienced actors understand and feel complex plots such as making life and death decisions

compiling organizational networks can promote the transmission of potential knowledge. The reference methods are as follows:

tutor system: Although many enterprises also establish tutor systems, many of them are mere formality. If the tutorial system is regarded as a form of knowledge transmission, it may feel a little softer. Mentors don't have to be managers. In many ways, the absence of "age forgetting tutorial system" sometimes has other good functions. For example, young employees who are good at computers can help those older people get familiar with the changes brought about by computers and networks

paid vacation: on the one hand, vacation can restore employees' physical strength, and at the same time, it can expand relationships by doing things unrelated to work. After returning to work, this valuable connection can also benefit the organization. The benefits of this method are indirect, and the acceptance of enterprises varies greatly

exchange program and internship system: employees can communicate freely and cooperate with other teams by breaking through the barrier of confidentiality

temporary project team: organizing people from different backgrounds to solve problems or carry out short-term projects can help expand networks throughout the organization

training plan: face to face training courses and seminars can bring you together, and this relationship will lay the foundation for future cooperation

game style meetings without agenda: now many people feel that they are suffering at the beginning, but organizing meetings without agenda can promote people's communication and allow everyone to communicate freely without pressure

can realize equal load rate loading or equal stress rate loading; Open space environment: for example, setting up a rest area where you can chat comfortably and freely can improve the level of knowledge sharing. Audi Conn, a Danish hearing aid manufacturer, shut down all elevators of the company, which greatly increased the opportunities for employees to meet in the lobby, corridor or corridor and promoted mutual exchanges

active knowledge brokers: some people have the unique intermediary ability to connect knowledge needs and contributions, which can not be replaced by many IT systems. Organizations should play these roles

note: the above method is extracted from "knowledge management", by Wendy Bukwitz and Ruth Williams. (end)

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