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Ta world academy - thermal analysis technology to solve material problems (special session for drugs)

as a global leader in thermal analysis and rheological technology, American TA instruments have always paid attention to the popularization and promotion of applications while continuing technological innovation. The wide use of thermal analysis instruments provides an experimental basis for its wide application in medicine and other chemical industries. At present, all solid-state properties of drugs, preparations, excipients and packaging materials can be characterized, and new technologies have emerged for complex and profound problems. For example, in the construction industry, automobile industry and metallurgical industry, high-sensitivity microcalorimeters are widely used to study the characteristics of trace biochemical substances, low-energy effect reactions of preparations caused by the instability of physical or chemical input parameters, as well as the deformation and denaturation of protein enzymes

this seminar on the theme of drugs will involve:

● detection and quantification of amorphous forms of drugs

● measurement of melting point, crystallinity and purity of crystalline drugs

● study on polymorphic characterization of drugs

● stability and compatibility of drugs

● freeze drying (drug technology)

● research and development of biological agents

material research in product design There are many technical challenges in the production and import of 650000 tons, so it is particularly important to effectively characterize and control these variables for the success and final use of the final product. We will show you the application of advanced thermal analysis and microcalorimetry in the characterization of pharmaceutical materials

guest speaker: Steve aubuchon phd TA instrument global thermal analysis product manager Ms. He Rong TA instrument product manager

time August 17

City Shanghai

location Hanting chain hotel (former Zhangjiang pharmaceutical Valley Business Hotel)

address: conference room on the second floor, No. 333 Cailun Road (near Galileo Road)

Transportation Guide: 1 under Zhangjiang High Tech station, rail transit line 2 Take the bus to Jiabao industrial station on Zhangchuan line Take a taxi, about 2 kilometers


08:30 ~ 09:00 check in

09:00 ~ 10:30 the application of thermal analysis technology in the characterization of pharmaceutical materials - Steve aubuchon phd

10:30 ~ 10:50 tea break

10:50 ~ 12:00 microcalorimetric technology in the characterization of pharmaceutical materials - manager he Rong

12:00 ~ 13:00 lunch/end

build a platform for you to communicate face to face with international masters. I believe you will benefit a lot! You are welcome to bring the difficult and miscellaneous diseases encountered in your daily work to the seminar site. We will have experts to answer your questions and share experimental skills with you

if you are interested in participating, please contact or email vwang@

seats are limited, first come, first served, please register quickly

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