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Laocheng power plant soda plant foundry whole plant equipment disposal demolition recycling commitment to keep faith

Laocheng power plant soda plant foundry whole plant equipment disposal demolition recycling commitment to keep faith

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Laocheng power plant soda plant foundry whole plant equipment disposal demolition recycling commitment to keep faith

chemical plant equipment recycling plant equipment recycling, second-hand refrigeration equipment recycling, Second hand central air conditioning recycling

chemical equipment plant demolition recycling power plant cement plant equipment demolition recycling steel plant demolition recycling

Shanghai Jiangsu Wuxi Industrial plant demolition, chemical plant equipment demolition recycling, power plant equipment demolition recycling, cement plant equipment demolition, steel plant demolition recycling, Shanghai Jiangsu Wuxi Industrial plant demolition recycling, chemical plant equipment demolition recycling, power plant equipment demolition recycling Cement plant equipment demolition, steel plant demolition, recycling steel structure, cast-in-place frame structure, reinforced concrete structure, brick concrete structure, brick wood structure demolition, Suzhou Yurui renewable resources demolition engineering team serves the construction unit and the investor owner, and a professional demolition engineering team combining manual demolition and mechanical demolition. He has been engaged in the demolition industry for many years, has rich experience in demolition, and is good at overall contracting demolition projects. Based in Shanghai, he is responsible for the mechanical demolition of buildings and large factories across the country, hauling garbage and cleaning the site. Demolition of waste plant and warehouse: the company has rich experience in the construction contracting of plant demolition and complete mechanical equipment. It can contract large-span plants with various structures, waste assets of enterprises, plant sales, various inventory overstocks, obsolete materials, and strictly control the temperature of each heating section of the barrel. Demolition of factory buildings and warehouses of contracted production plants: demolition of steel plants, copper plants of aluminum plants, power plants, petrochemical plants, coal mines, waterworks, boiler air conditioning plants, floor heating plants, textile plants, plastic plants, paper mills, electronic and electrical plants. Industrial equipment: dismantle waste machine tools, refrigeration equipment, air conditioning systems, production lines, motors, cables and wires, etc. Demolition works and building demolition of hotels, shopping malls and hotels: corresponding equipment and schemes can be adopted for buildings with different structures. It has advanced equipment such as hydraulic hammer, lengthened arm liquid neck lumbar artificial intervertebral disc M6 compression shear, wall saw, etc. Rich experience has been accumulated in the demolition process, and the communication, power lines and underground pipelines can be well protected Specialized in contracting all kinds of complex structures and difficult buildings. Demolition engineering structure: 1. Steel structure 2. Cast in situ frame structure 3. Reinforced concrete structure 4. Brick concrete structure 5. Brick wood structure

engineering demolition machinery and equipment: Hitachi super long arm pickaxe machine, processing arm pickaxe machine, Carter hydraulic excavator, Jiayou crawler excavator, crawler crane, Dongfanghong bulldozer, truck, crusher, belt conveyor, forklift, air compressor, etc. Call Mr. Pan to negotiate on-site

starch sugar recovery equipment, sludge treatment equipment, alcohol plant equipment, second-hand feed plant equipment, chemical plant equipment, biodiesel equipment; Equipment; Fertilizer plant equipment; Alcohol plant equipment; Stainless steel reaction kettle; Lining reaction kettle; Filter press; Diaphragm filter press; Horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge; Disc separator; Stainless steel fluidized bed; Heat conducting oil furnace; Centrifuge; Flash dryer used grease factory equipment; Edible oil processing equipment; Salad oil processing equipment; Animal oil processing equipment; Rice bran oil processing equipment; Cottonseed processing equipment; Rapeseed oil equipment; Second hand oil pressing equipment; Leaching equipment; Refining equipment; Second hand starch plant equipment; Second hand starch separator; Horizontal scraper centrifuge; Tube bundle dryer; Second hand filter press; Boiler used feed plant equipment; Second hand granulator; Second hand feed expander; Second hand crusher. Chemical equipment recycling chemical plant equipment recycling closed chemical plant overall acquisition for and surrounding areas perennial acquisition of closed plant equipment Factory idle equipment and other second-hand materials and equipment Second hand equipment, factory equipment, brewery equipment, hardware factory equipment, electronic factory equipment, electroplating factory equipment, cable factory equipment, fertilizer factory equipment, cement factory equipment, paper factory equipment, foundry equipment, manufacturing plant equipment and other foundry steel plant equipment recent recycling acquisition, Beihua plant demolition, recycling, chemical plant production line demolition, recycling assembly line demolition, recycling company high price acquisition, chemical plant complete sets of equipment and other large equipment demolition, recycling company whole plant equipment: recycling chemical plant Complete equipment

the general scope of high price recycling of waste or scrap chemical plants and second-hand various types of reactors: recycling of waste outer disk semi tubular reactor, second-hand electrically heated stainless steel reactor, waste steam heated heat transfer oil circulating heating reactor, multifunctional dispersion reactor, electrically heated reactor, jacketed reactor, outer half tubular reactor, inner disk tubular reactor, drying finned tube, YZG vacuum dryer, Waste double cone rotary vacuum dryer, radiator, waste hot air circulating oven, rotary flash dryer, enamel reactor, stainless steel reactor, high pressure reactor, double glass reactor, glass reactor, glass reactor, electric heating reactor, high temperature reactor, high temperature and high pressure reactor, second-hand hydrothermal reactor, chemical reactor, titanium reactor, reactor mixer, second-hand reactor, reactor accessories, Waste stainless steel high-pressure reaction kettle, reaction kettle heater, glass fiber reinforced plastic reaction kettle, magnetic drive reaction kettle, thermochemical reaction kettle, retort reaction kettle and other second-hand or waste or scrap reaction kettle recycling. The company also recycles all kinds of refrigeration equipment and pipe parts

reactor recovery. Ceramic reactor recovery, stainless steel reactor recovery, reactor platform removal, Suzhou reactor recovery. Nantong reactor recycling, Jiaxing chemical equipment recycling, Shanghai scrap equipment recycling, dryer recycling, mixer recycling, crusher recycling, centrifuge recycling, filter recycling, fastener recycling, sewage treatment chemical pump recycling, valve recycling, heat exchanger recycling, vulcanizer recycling, reducer recycling, pipe recycling, distillation equipment recycling, filter press recycling, oil-water separation equipment recycling, crusher mixer (device) recycling The recovery of emulsifying machine, filling machine, filling machine and evaporator will not affect the production line of air flow recovery, cooler recovery, condenser recovery, radiator recovery, condenser recovery, storage equipment recovery, crystallizer recovery, crystallizer recovery, vulcanizer recovery, glass lined reaction tank recovery, glass lined reaction kettle recovery, etc. Classification of cable recycling products: bare wire body products - the main characteristics of this kind of products are: pure conductor metal

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