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As we all know, LED lighting products are a new generation of efficient and energy-saving green lighting sources that have achieved industrialization, representing the latest direction of the future development of the entire lighting industry. At the same time, with the global energy shortage and the increasingly serious environmental pollution problem of the long-term mechanism for the utilization of new materials, the LED lighting industry is also becoming one of the hot spots during President Xi's visit

as early as two years ago, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned "environmental protection" eight times and "energy conservation" six times in the government report delivered during the 2015 national two sessions... Obviously, under this background, the energy conservation and environmental protection industry will be popular, and the LED lighting market, as an energy-saving light source, will naturally take advantage of the policy "east wind" to grow

in fact, software introduction: in recent years, the Chinese government has also introduced a series of relevant policies to vigorously promote the continuous development of LED lighting industry. Thanks to the strong support of the 12th Five Year Plan, China has become a big country with fast response speed to semiconductor photography. The recently released "13th five year plan for the development of semiconductor lighting industry" also puts forward a new goal of "from big to strong" - by 2020, the overall output value of semiconductor lighting industry will reach trillion yuan

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