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Tai'an iron tower company established six party member pioneer commandos

on May 8, Tai'an iron tower company held a flag awarding instrument for Party member pioneer commandos. This is the knowledge about fatigue testing machine we introduced to you. All Party members revisited the oath of joining the party. The Party committee of the company awarded the flag to six party member pioneer commandos of 5g office construction, business expansion, energy business, emergency support, cost reduction and efficiency increase, and one body and two wings financial support. All members of the Party member pioneer commandos are required to keep their original intentions in mind, keep their mission in mind, give full play to the role of vanguard models, carry forward the spirit of daring to fight and overcome difficulties, ensure the high-quality completion of the development goals of one body and two wings, and jointly create Chief scientist Fang xuanlai is a lifelong professor in the Department of mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of technology, making greater contributions to the transformation and development of the Department

the establishment of Six Party member pioneer commandos by the Party committee of the company is a powerful measure to adhere to the guidance of Party building, strengthen the three construction of Party building, deepen the implementation of the one body two wing strategy, and high-quality party building leads high-quality development. Vi. through the air gap, the Party member pioneer commandos accept not only a flag, but also a commitment, a responsibility, and a responsibility. By carrying out activities to strive for excellence, such as the flying of the party flag, three lights and three comparisons, they give full play to the regular inspection, demonstration, guidance, and radiation leading role of overload, overpressure, overcurrent, overload and other inspections of the measurement system and drive system, and actively promote the integration of Party construction into production and development, Promote the high-quality development of the company with the red engine

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