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Tablet computer g0710s -- the ideal choice for enterprise mobile computing

Panyi technology has developed a new strong tablet computer gladius g0710s. Its rigorous engineering design and complete equipment can be used in various industries, such as retail, outdoor services, hotel information management, industrial automation, POS, etc

g0710s adopts Intel z510 processor to provide excellent computing performance. With the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption and passive heat dissipation system, it can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem and maintain the final stability without using a fan. G0710s is equipped with a 7-inch touch TFT screen, and its special design can be clearly read even in outdoor sunlight. In terms of appearance, g0710s enables oxygen atoms to quickly enter the interior of the material; The thickness of impurity element o is only 36mm, and the weight is only 1kg. The compact and lightweight design is convenient to carry around; The continuous power of up to 4 hours can meet the vast majority of users' needs, and there is no need to worry about the problem of power shortage even outdoors. At the same time, g0710s not only passed the CE and FCC class B safety certification, but also met the IP54 protection grade standard. It also passed the vibration, impact and fall tests. Its seismic resistance reached 1g (5~500 Hz) and impact resistance 10g/peak (11 msec.), Constant displacement control can also withstand falling from a height of 4 feet. Through strict shockproof and fall proof tests, g0710s can still maintain normal and stable operation in the face of most emergencies

in order to meet the different needs and applications of customers, g0710s is not only equipped with a variety of connection methods, such as Bluetooth, wireless network, RFID, high-speed Ethernet; In addition, it is also equipped with rich peripheral expansion, including 1 SIM slot, 2 USB 2.0 interfaces and 1 35 pin pogo board to connect the expansion base. In addition to the above features, g0710s also has the feature of real-time recovery, which can eliminate the risk of data loss due to power failure and other factors

g0710s' strong design has passed various strict tests, and its strong, durable and lightweight features can be used in a variety of environments, such as retail and POS. No matter what industry, using g0710s can successfully simplify management processes, reduce personnel costs, shorten operation time and further improve enterprise efficiency

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