Research method of inductance matrix of claw pole

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Research method of inductance matrix of automotive claw pole generator

the armature reaction of a claw pole generator is studied by using the three-dimensional finite element method, which generally has strict provisions on sample preparation and experimental methods in these standards. Based on Ansoft software, the air gap magnetic field and inductance matrix of the motor are calculated and simulated. In other words, inductance safety protection. A group of international researchers from Queen's University have jointly developed other manifestations of a new material, as well as the buffer device matrix. Parker transformation is carried out to obtain the armature reaction reactance of the AC and DC axes. The results obtained are compared with those calculated by phasor diagram method, which proves the correctness and feasibility of the solution, and lays a theoretical foundation for the optimal design of claw pole generator

automobile generator is an automobile electrical equipment that provides electric energy to various electrical equipment on the automobile and charges the battery. Due to the special rotor structure of claw pole generator, there are serious magnetic leakage, air gap magnetic field distortion, low efficiency and other problems. Therefore, the analysis and calculation of the magnetic field of claw pole generator and the study of the factors affecting efficiency have become the focus of research. At the same time, due to the special rotor structure, its magnetic field has obvious three-dimensional characteristics, so three-dimensional finite element method is needed to analyze the magnetic field distribution and performance parameters. In this paper, the three-dimensional modeling and finite element analysis of an electrically excited claw pole generator jfzl72 are carried out. The waveforms and sizes of the no-load and load air gap flux density and induced electromotive force of the motor are calculated in the transient field, and the inductance matrix is calculated in the static magnetic field. Then the AC and DC axis inductance can be calculated by performing Parker transform on the inductance matrix. Because the AC and DC axis reactance parameters are affected by rotor structure, magnetic circuit saturation, air gap length and mutual inductance between magnetic winding and armature winding, the traditional armature reactive reactance magnetic circuit calculation method will have large errors. This method considers the influence of these factors, and the accuracy of the calculation results lays a certain foundation for the optimal design of claw pole motor

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