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"Research and development of common technology of rolling functional parts of high-end CNC machine tools" project research and development beginning and end

"research and development of common technology of rolling functional parts of high-end CNC machine tools" project is a major national scientific and technological project led by Professor fenghutian's scientific research team of School of machinery, Nanjing University of technology, which has successfully passed the project acceptance of the expert group

"it is the first time to put forward the accelerated failure time model, test and evaluation method of rolling function components a+a in the domestic industry, which solves the technical problems of failure free function reliability test evaluation, rolling function component test time is too long and so on."

"for the first time, a total of 6 volumes of the manual for the optimization design and selection of functional components of CNC machine tools are launched, which focuses on the centralized display of special achievements, the docking environment between enterprises and users is the climate demonstration, and the development needs of the current situation at home and abroad, providing a specific operating basis for domestic components of CNC machine tool equipment."

"for the first time, it carried out the static stiffness evaluation of the special achievement products of the backbone enterprises of rolling functional components compared with overseas products, and took the lead in publicly releasing the industry evaluation report in China."

one by one, "first of all", people can't help but wait and see the national major science and technology project - "research and development of common technology for rolling functional parts of high-end CNC machine tools" led by Professor fenghutian of the school of machinery, Nanjing University of technology

fight for the right to speak in technology

"CNC machine tools are an important means of manufacturing all kinds of weapons and equipment, and also an important guarantee for the modernization of national defense and military industrial equipment. Their level, variety and production capacity are the embodiment of a country's comprehensive national strength in technology and economy." Feng Hutian pointed out that at present, the manufacturing of CNC machine tools in China is still mainly low-end products, and high-end CNC machine tools and other major equipment still rely on imports


ball screw pair is the most commonly used precision transmission component on CNC machine tools. Its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or torque into axial repeated force, which directly determines the machining accuracy of the machine tool and the stability and retention of accuracy. It can be said to be the key of the key functional components of CNC machine tools

"if the technology in key fields is controlled by others for a long time, it can only be empty talk if China's equipment manufacturing capacity and level want to be rapidly improved." Feng Hutian decided to focus his research on the common technology of rolling functional components

in order to thoroughly understand the technical weakness of the localization of high-end equipment manufacturing restricted by the rolling functional parts by clicking on the new experimental settings and relevant parameters, it is necessary to carry out a series of forward-looking and cutting-edge research on the basis of laying a solid foundation and consolidating the relevant basic theoretical research while comprehensively understanding and mastering the mainstream technology development trend of foreign rolling functional parts

Feng Hutian's scientific research team has a long way to go

the promotion of one level shows great strength

according to relevant industry data, the localization rate of rolling function parts such as ball screw pairs and rolling linear guide rail pairs in domestic high-end CNC machine tools is less than 5%, while the localization rate of rolling function parts used in medium-end CNC machine tools accounts for only 30%. Feng Hutian pointed out that "there are many reasons for this situation, and the deficiencies of domestic rolling functional components in high-rigidity design, high-precision pre tightening structure optimization of ball screw pairs and related processing technology are one of the most important factors."

in view of the technical and technological bottlenecks in the development of high-end CNC machine tools in China, the research team has successively carried out research on the accuracy of rolling functional parts, friction and wear, fatigue, rigidity, material optimization and reliability test methods

in the research process, it is particularly worth mentioning that the research team has made great breakthroughs in the basic theory and key technologies of precision forming of large screw hard whirl milling, and has realized the comprehensive optimization of large screw hard whirl milling process and equipment performance. More importantly, they also improved the accuracy of the ball screw pair processed by them to a higher level. But don't underestimate the improvement of this level. It has greatly improved the machining accuracy of China's CNC machine tools, thus greatly enhancing the competitiveness of China's CNC machine tools in the world

however, engaging in mechanical transmission research is inseparable from a large number of detailed and accurate data verification, and precise and sensitive detection equipment is indispensable to obtain accurate data. However, due to the weak foundation in the research field of rolling functional components in China, many important equipment are almost blank in the domestic market, let alone purchased

if there is no standard operation process, you have to grope in the "dark", and if there is no relevant testing equipment, you can design and manufacture by drawing drawings by yourself. The hardships during this period are best known only to those who have done scientific research in person. "But no matter how difficult it is and how many failures we have experienced, we never want to give up." Feng Hutian introduced that on the basis of referring to and drawing on a large number of foreign technical documents, they have successively successfully designed and developed experimental and testing equipment in terms of rigidity measurement, comprehensive performance test, profile detection, etc., such as lead screw pair rigidity test bench, guide rail pair rigidity test bench, lead screw raceway profile error meter, etc., filling the gap in domestic related fields

according to statistics, the research team has independently developed 28 sets of testing equipment in the research process of major national projects. It has not only provided testing services in the laboratory, but also directly provided multiple sets of testing devices to enterprises, and has begun to provide services for aerospace and electronic industries. The technical performance of some testing equipment has also reached the international leading level. In addition, they have also designed and built friction and wear testing machine, rolling contact fatigue testing machine, lead screw cooling and lubrication test bench, precision materials and analysis equipment, which can provide the industry with test bench products, testing software and hardware, and serve manufacturers and host users

pick up the "Pearl" of high-end equipment manufacturing

time flies. After ten years of "Anti Japanese War", the research group finally successfully picked up the "Pearl" of China's high-end equipment manufacturing crown, established a test and evaluation system covering functional reliability, precision retention, and life reliability for functional components, and achieved three "first" breakthroughs, It has helped transform China's domestic equipment from "made in China" to "created in China"

after listening to the report of relevant achievements and conducting on-site investigation, experts from the Key Laboratory of common technology of CNC machine tool functional parts of the University, the Ministry of industry and information technology, gave high praise to the achievements of the project and the common technology research platform built in the industry, It is unanimously suggested that "the achievements should be radiated to the enterprises with great utilization prospects in the fields of clothing, shoes and hats, building energy conservation and so on in the future as soon as possible, and a broader testing and technical service platform should be established as soon as possible"

indeed, the application of decides whether the research is done well or not. Hanjiang Machine Tool and Nanjing technology, the leading enterprises in the industry who participated in the research and development, can't wait to experience the new technology products launched by the research group one after another, and commented that "the product indicators have indeed reached the international advanced level"

in addition, the high-end products of rolling function components developed by the research group have also established three demonstration application bases for high-end CNC machine tools, namely, Shenyang machine tool, Dalian machine tool and Baoji Machine tool. The products are matched with Ningjiang machine tool precision horizontal machining center, realizing that domestic rolling function components are matched with high-end CNC machine tools in small batches, successfully replacing imports

since then, China's high-end CNC machine tool industry has completely got rid of foreign monopoly in technology and process, and has its own technological discourse

but this does not mean that their mission in this research field is over. At present, the research group is actively preparing to build a national quality supervision and Testing Center for functional components of CNC machine tools in China to provide the most authoritative technical services for the domestic industry

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