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Research and practice of packaging engineering teaching reform (Part 2)

2 project research content and objectives

the research content and objectives of this project are: A. investigate and analyze the demand for packaging talents in the international and domestic packaging industry at the beginning of the 21st century, the knowledge, ability and quality that modern packaging talents must have, and study food, light industry, industrial design, artistic design, machinery, materials, computers We should study the knowledge structure and reasonable connotation of modern packaging talents, build a new professional platform on the basis of higher level and innovative thinking, and form a packaging engineering teaching and talent training mode that meets the needs of the development of packaging industry in the 21st century; b. Investigate, analyze and compare the undergraduate teaching of international and domestic packaging engineering majors, reorganize the course structure, optimize the teaching plan as a whole, put forward the main courses and syllabus, and put forward the practical teaching requirements and experimental course syllabus of packaging engineering majors according to the knowledge, ability and quality structure required by future packaging engineering talents; c. Organize the compilation and publication of new supporting professional textbooks; d. Study the training methods of innovative consciousness of packaging engineering professionals, and reform the existing teaching methods and means; e. Carry out the pilot practice of teaching reform, and adjust the teaching plan, teaching content, teaching methods and teaching means; f. Implement the achievements of educational reform and accumulate experience; g. Explore the training program of high-level talents (Master's and doctoral students) in packaging engineering, and reasonably connect with the undergraduate training program [1]

3 project research progress

after three years of research and practice, the teaching reform project team has achieved fruitful results

a. combined with the key points of the development of the Tenth Five Year Plan of China's packaging industry, this paper investigates and analyzes the development of the international and domestic packaging industry at the beginning of the 21st century and its demand for packaging talents, analyzes the knowledge, skills and qualities that modern packaging talents must have, studies the relationship between packaging discipline and other related disciplines, and studies the knowledge structure and reasonable connotation of modern packaging talents, A comparative study on the teaching of packaging engineering between China and foreign countries (China and the United States, China and Germany, China and Australia, China and Japan) was carried out

b. build a new professional platform for packaging engineering, and form an overall optimized training goal and teaching plan for packaging engineering. The negative pole is basically based on graphite

the overall optimization of the teaching plan of packaging engineering. Curriculum consideration: the combination of versatility and flexibility. That is, basic courses, professional basic courses, professional core courses, experiments, production internships, professional orientation courses, graduation design flexible settings; The combination of technology and art increases the weight of packaging art design; After full investigation, it is proposed that there are six core courses in packaging engineering, namely "packaging materials", "packaging technology, process and equipment", "packaging structure design", "modern packaging decoration and modeling design", "transportation packaging" and "packaging system design". The core curriculum content and the curriculum system of packaging engineering were reorganized. In 2001, the education steering sub committee of packaging engineering held a meeting in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. At the meeting, after full discussion, a consensus was reached on the teaching plan and professional core curriculum of packaging engineering proposed by Jiangnan University; Reorganized the curriculum system of packaging engineering, and strengthened the practice and experiment links

c. the most advanced professional laboratory of packaging engineering in Colleges and universities in China has been built. Jiangnan University has integrated the original experimental teaching results of packaging engineering and the construction results of the "packaging product quality inspection center of the state light industry administration", and combined with the 211 Project Construction of the University, built the most advanced packaging engineering professional laboratory in Colleges and universities in China. The laboratory has a full set of testing equipment for paper, paperboard, carton and paper products (including corrugated, honeycomb and pulp molding), performance testing equipment for new packaging materials and main experimental equipment for transportation package testing, and has become a provincial and ministerial level testing center. The completion of this laboratory has greatly improved the experimental conditions of packaging engineering. On the basis of this hardware facility, the experimental teaching requirements and experimental course syllabus of packaging engineering specialty have been formed, which enriches and enriches the experimental teaching content of the "packaging testing technology" course. The laboratory is staffed by both teachers and students and is open to students all day. Students can participate in testing services, so as to combine serving the society with cultivating talents

d. construction of professional teaching materials. "Packaging future machinery" and "packaging structure design" professional textbooks have been published, and monographs "flexographic printing technology", "packaging and printing materials" and "laser anti-counterfeiting" have been published. We are organizing the preparation of new professional textbooks of "food packaging technology", "modern packaging and decoration design", "Engineering Mechanics (for packaging engineering majors)" and "transportation packaging", and the monographs of "modern packaging mechanics" and "packaging system design" are being written

e. comprehensively carry out curriculum reform. Experimental teaching reforms have been carried out on the courses of "integrated packaging technology", "packaging machinery design", "packaging materials science", "modern packaging decoration and modeling design", "packaging structure design" and "packaging testing technology", "transportation packaging" and "packaging system design", among which the teaching reform of "integrated packaging technology" has been implemented for 4 years. He has published a number of papers on the teaching reform of packaging engineering, 16 of which were officially published in the first issue of Journal of Beijing Printing Institute in 2002. This is a comprehensive summary of the teaching reform activities of the project team in recent years

f. a number of stable teaching practice bases have been formed. China's flexible packaging industry base Jiangyin Shenda group, Asian Packaging Center Jiangyin manufacturing center, Wuxi color printing factory, Danyang Daya group and other packaging enterprises have become packaging teaching practice bases

g. put forward and implemented the training program of graduate talents in packaging engineering. Under the first level discipline of light industry science and technology, the second level discipline of packaging engineering has doctoral and master degree programs to cultivate graduate students. Completed the training objectives and research of doctoral and master's degree graduate students rdquo; Liu Jianbo, chairman of Anda technology, introduced the direction and main curriculum

training objective: to cultivate high-level and innovative professionals who have systematic and in-depth packaging theoretical knowledge and can independently engage in scientific research and Technological Development in the packaging field

research direction: transportation packaging; Food and drug packaging; Packaging process and equipment; Modern packaging design; Packaging and printing

main courses:

master's courses. Cushioning packaging theory and design, packaging machinery and technology, food packaging technology, packaging design, packaging and printing chromatics, offset printing quality and control, food technology and equipment progress, CAD/change the common sense of safety protection and maintenance methods of experimental machines CAE/CAM, modern machinery design methods, special topics of new packaging and printing technologies, halftone image processing, packaging materials, packaging LCA, pharmaceutical packaging technology, packaging process control theory Robots and automated packaging

doctoral program. Advances in transportation packaging theory and technology, advances in food and drug packaging technology, modern packaging design, advanced printing colorology, packaging process and equipment, modern packaging materials, new food engineering technologies and their research frontiers, modern instrumental analysis experiments, robotics and automated packaging, finite element technology

h. demonstration effect of teaching reform achievements. The teaching reform project of "research and practice of modern packaging talent training" has driven the teaching reform practice of a number of domestic colleges and universities, and brother colleges and universities often visit and exchange. In order to promote the development of packaging education and packaging discipline, strengthen the exchange of teaching reform and teaching achievements among brother colleges and universities, and summarize the experience of packaging education, the teaching reform research group of "research and practice of modern packaging talent training" launched and presided over the "national packaging engineering discipline development and teaching reform" seminar in August this year, built a platform for packaging engineering discipline and education exchange, and further promoted and demonstrated the achievements of teaching reform


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