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Usage evaluation: Westinghouse air purifier household AP

Westinghouse air purifier household ap-845x bedroom PM2.5 intelligent formaldehyde removal smoke timing oxygen bar

one yuan reservation on December 7 10 light fire reservation

usage experience for a month:

very good. It has been used for two days since it was bought, and the effect is obvious and very fast. Just like the houses decorated with water bottles, mineral water bottles, milk kettles and so on have a taste, Using the maximum gear to purify the air, there is basically no taste in a few minutes, but the smell is continuously volatilized, and it is good to use it continuously. In short, good effect is the top priority. Absolute praise is not always with their own packaging materials, which are often exquisite. The purification continues to advance towards the world's scientific and technological power. The effect is visible, and the panel has a grid display. One grid is displayed when the air is bad, and five grids are displayed when the air is good. The wind is strong. Sleep mode is dark and silent, truly silent

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product parameters:

Product Name: Westinghouse/Westinghouse ap-8

brand: Westinghouse/Westinghouse

model: ap-845x

Noise: DB

control mode: remote control

intelligent type: other

filter type: composite filter

goods 2012 pilot production No.: ap-845x

Color Classification: Champagne

air volume: 450 cubic meters/hour

applicable area: 61m^2 and above

function: formaldehyde removal smoke dedusting and sterilization

working principle: activated carbon anion HEPA technology others

Air purification product category: air purifier

air volume: more than 400 m3/h

power supply mode: AC

after sales service: national joint insurance

applicable object: household

air purifier air volume: 400 m3/h

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