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Heidelberg GTO series offset press fault and troubleshooting

fault I. messy paper receipt


1 Uneven left and right belong to side paper aligning device failure

2. The uneven front and rear are mostly due to the failure of the paper receiving deceleration device

the specific faults are as follows:

the paper receiving reduction motor does not rotate

the transmission flexible shaft is broken

the rubber ring of the deceleration drum is broken


a. eliminate the side flush fault

b. check the reducer one by one

1. Replace or repair the reduction motor. The planetary gear train reducer is integrated with the motor. The common problem is that the planetary gear train is stuck by oil and foreign matters. You can use the watch repair tool to carefully open the end cover, clamp the planetary gears out one by one with tweezers, clean them, check for serious wear, then apply high-quality lubricating oil, and put them into the center wheel (i.e. the cylindrical shell of the motor) that has been strictly cleaned (excluding the debris of the clamping wheel) if it is improperly selected or unsuitable, Screw on the end cover seal, turn the motor shaft by hand, feel flexible, and use it with normal sound Pay attention not to apply too much lubricating oil, let alone fill the space of the reducer. If the motor coil is burnt out, it is difficult to repair. Because of its small size and high sealing requirements, it is recommended to replace the motor

2. Replace the transmission flexible shaft, or select domestic flexible shaft with similar specifications( φ 4mm), if the flexible shaft cannot be completed in the first point of the test, and the broken part of the flexible shaft is very short, a joint clamping shaft can be made again, and the length of the extended part is equal to the shortage of the flexible shaft

3. Replace the rubber ring, or choose domestic 0-type sealing rubber ring as a substitute, which is cheap and easy to buy

fault 2. Powder spraying anti sticking device failure


1 The air pump is broken

2. The powder spraying pipeline is blocked

3. The toothed belt of powder spraying transmission is broken


1 Check and repair the air pump. In order to prolong the service life, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance, replace the vulnerable pad, and clean the air filter valve, generally once every half a year

2. Find out and eliminate the blockage

3. Replace the adhesive tape with domestic adhesive tape

fault III. the lining cloth of the transfer drum is rotten


1 Water immersion rolling, fatigue wear

2. Rotten by external force


1 If a small area is rotten, it can be partially restored

2. Replace with new parts

3. Substitute with domestic silicone tape, the effect is acceptable, easy to buy and cheap, 0.5mm thick

past fault 4. The paper lifting table is broken, and the needle roller bearing is damaged

cause: external force collision, fatigue and wear


1 Welding repair or mapping processing

2. Car copper sleeve is used instead, φ 10X φ 14X10;

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3 Bearing replacement

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