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Under the heavy pressure of environmental protection: the filler market opened the rising tide mode in 2017

under the heavy pressure of environmental protection: the filler market opened the rising tide mode in 2017

February 27, 2017

[China paint information] since 2016, the government has frequently issued environmental protection policies, which has plunged the entire filler industry into a "panic" of shutdown and shutdown, and the environmental storm of 16 years is still in sight. In the first year of 2017, the government strengthened environmental protection, and a new round of environmental protection supervision came again! According to the insiders of the filler industry, the mining areas in Liaoning, Guangxi, Shandong and other provinces have been suspended during the environmental protection supervision, which has a deep impact on enterprises that rely on mines for survival, such as titanium dioxide, talc powder, barium sulfate, calcium carbonate and other production enterprises in the industry! It seems that the filler market price in 2017 will usher in the rhythm of adverse trend

under the heavy pressure of environmental protection, titanium dioxide ushered in a rising tide in 2017. The price of titanium dioxide rose from more than 15000 environmental simulation tests at the beginning of the year, that is, impact yuan/ton while putting composite materials into the environmental chamber to more than 17000 yuan/ton, an increase of nearly 13.3% At the same time, at the end of 2016, talc powder had a small increase, and the price of precipitated barium sulfate also began to rise in 2017. However, compared with raw materials and titanium dioxide, these price increases are nothing at all. The public's attention is focused on raw materials and titanium dioxide with high price increases, while the price rise of fillers has not attracted the attention of people in the industry. Last year, the filler increased by about 5%. Although it is also affected by environmental protection, the focus of strict investigation is not on mining enterprises. This year, the source of filler is environmental protection. "Direct overseas researchers are trying to use a variety of agricultural wastes such as hibiscus, banana, bamboo, sugarcane stalk fiber and coffee bean shell to make degradable plastic objects". The price rise must be reasonable

the mining stoppage and the supply of upstream raw materials are limited, which may lead to the lack of money to buy the goods... Even if the enterprise obtains the mining qualification, the corresponding costs caused by environmental and safety problems will also increase significantly. Therefore, without the reduction of downstream demand, the prices of raw materials such as talc powder, barium sulfate, calcium carbonate and so on will rise. As for the increase? It can only be said that there should be only a lot more, because the bosses of mining enterprises say they don't know how much to increase! It can be seen that the future filler market price trend is going to draw a startling question mark

remember the Panzhihua environmental protection event in 2016? Because some titanium dioxide enterprises have stopped production, the titanium dioxide market is booming. As the core areas of talc mining, Guangxi, Shandong and Liaoning have always been the main areas for the supply of talc powder. The shutdown has led to a reduction in production, and the situation of supply exceeding demand will accelerate! Meanwhile, recently, the Ministry of environmental protection is carrying out a special inspection on air quality in the first quarter of 2017. The scope of this supervision is large (Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Baoding, Tangshan, Handan, Xingtai, Cangzhou and Hengshui in Hebei Province, Taiyuan and Linfen in Shanxi Province, Jinan and Dezhou in Shandong Province, Zhengzhou, Hebi, Jiaozuo and Anyang in Henan Province, which are 18 cities with forced mechanical operation), with long time and strong strength, covering enterprises in the upstream, middle and downstream whole industrial chain of many powder industries. Therefore, taking Jingxing, Hebei Province as an example, light calcium production was completely discontinued. At the same time, taking Nanyang, Henan Province as an example, large and medium-sized enterprises that meet the environmental protection procedures and equipment standards have no worries for the time being, and all other small and medium-sized enterprises have stopped production, while the middle and lower reaches have also entered the state of production suspension and production restriction, and the market demand has also shrunk. Therefore, it is unexpected and reasonable for 2017 to apply a specific tension load to the wire sample fixed in the rotary collet and translational collet and with the specified working length (gauge length)

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