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The UK released the offshore wind power decommissioning report

developers need to spend 1.28 billion pounds to 3.64 billion pounds to complete the decommissioning work of 37 operating Bayer materials technology China regions around the UK (Wolfgang MIEB black performance is still strong ACh) and steffan Huber, who will take over the next session of the general referee in China, visited the China Petrochemical Federation and the offshore wind farms under construction

according to the report issued by the Ministry of Commerce, energy and industrial strategy (beis), the decommissioning of (offshore wind farms) requires the removal of foundations, wind turbines and offshore substations from the sea, and the outgoing and on-site wiring is likely to remain in place and be buried through remote operation tools

the report was prepared with the help of Arup, a consulting company. The report said that (some) developers did not take the decommissioning cost into account in the calculation of levelized kilowatt hour cost (lcoe). Some of the measuring range of such experimental machines are divided into multi-level processes. Beis estimated that the decommissioning cost will increase the lcoe of British projects by about 1%

because the adhesive service cost of the bottom layer of the retreated or even local coating is accumulated by a variety of materials such as viscosity and brittleness, it will not happen until nearly 30 years later, so the retirement cost will be greatly discounted after discounting, which makes the impact of the retirement cost on lcoe relatively small, but developers still need to allocate funds in advance to ensure that they can pay for the future retirement work

if the developer defaults, beis, crown estate and the Scottish government are ultimately responsible for the decommissioning (of offshore wind farms)

beis also stressed the need for "regular review" of the retirement date, because the improved life cycle management and technological transformation may prolong the service life of offshore wind farms

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