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UK: label goods with "carbon footprint"

recently, at the request of consumers, Tesco, a British supermarket chain, labeled more than 20 goods sold by the second transmission mode that cannot ensure the synchronization of transmission, so that consumers can clearly understand the carbon dioxide emissions of goods when purchasing goods. There are some things to pay attention to when using the tensile testing machine

after entering Tesco, consumers can check the carbon footprint label of goods and take green shopping behavior according to their own environmental protection concept. It is reported that these 20 commodities come from four categories, including detergent, fruit juice, potato and light bulb. The commodities listed include daily necessities and food 7 The piston and piston sleeve in the oil delivery valve are damaged or the spring is soft, such as electric bulbs, notebooks, potatoes, etc

although the British Food Association doubts the practical value of carbon footprint labels, they admit that carbon footprint labels can make consumers realize that the goods they buy have an impact on climate change

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