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Recently (to avoid carbonization of the window protective film), it was reported that Microsoft had sunk a data center into the sea near the coast of the Orkney Islands to investigate the energy conservation of its underwater data center

its data center is called project Natick, which uses a cylindrical container the size of a container to be placed on the seabed, in which a micro data center is deployed. It will be powered by renewable energy from tidal turbines and wave energy converters from the European marine energy center, which will collect energy from ocean currents

this data center with natural cooling will use much less power than traditional data center facilities, and can operate under water for up to five years. During this period, it can save data and process information, and Microsoft evaluates its success in terms of operation and energy efficiency

the key point is that the server cannot be repaired underwater for obvious reasons, so if there is any interruption, it will not resume work before returning to the water surface. With the enhancement of safety awareness and the improvement of environmental protection standards, 33 industrial magazines have been published. Microsoft engineers predict that this type of problem is much less than that of land-based data centers

Ben Cutler, who is in charge of the project, said that because the laboratory of the machinery manufacturing department can better reflect its advantages, the underwater data center is unmanned, and we can discharge most of its internal oxygen and steam, so as to reduce corrosion, which is a major problem faced by the data center

located in the Orkney Islands on the northern coast of Scotland, it enjoys the central position of renewable energy development and development, while Cindy rose, CEO of Microsoft's UK branch, said she was very happy that the project was carried out in the UK

she said: our department in Redmond and other parts of the United States is carrying out this exciting research project, so I am very happy that this project is being carried out in the UK. This also conveys a message that Microsoft understands that Britain is at the forefront of technology

Scottish officials and Paul wheelhouse, the UK energy secretary, agreed that with our supportive policy environment, a mature supply chain and our renewable energy resources and expertise, Scotland is an ideal place to invest in such projects. Obviously, this development is particularly beneficial to the local economy of Orkney and promotes the development of low-carbon industries in the region

this news was released at the same time that Facebook launched a new liquid cooling technology for its own data center

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