Strong demand for polyolefin products for trains

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Automotive polyolefin 8. required sample size: 100mm × 100mm products are in great demand

in the future, polyolefin products in the automotive industry will replace a large number of expensive non-ferrous metals and alloy materials, which can not only improve the beauty and design flexibility of the automobile, reduce the cost of parts processing, assembly and maintenance, but also reduce the energy consumption of the automobile

according to the latest statistics of the National Bureau of statistics, a total of 39512 cars were sold in Beijing in January 2004, an increase of 81.7% over the same period last year; With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the demand for automotive polyolefin products will also be strong

at present, the global market scale of plastic products for automobiles is 4.54 million tons/year, the volume of plastic products for single vehicles is also expanding rapidly, and automotive interior parts are basically plastic. The application scope of plastics is expanding from interior parts to exterior parts, vehicle bodies and structural parts. In the future, the key development direction is to develop reinforced plastic composites, high-performance resin materials and plastics for structural parts and exterior parts, and pay high attention to the recyclability of materials. According to the analysis of industry experts, it is estimated that the total amount of various polyolefin products consumed by China's automobile will reach about 150000 tons by 2005, and the demand will reach 230000 tons by 2010, with an average annual growth rate of 10%

in the future, a large number of polyolefin products will be used in the automotive industry. Due to the low density, good performance and low cost of polyolefin materials, there is a trend to integrate automotive interior and exterior materials into polyolefin materials, so their consumption will increase greatly

every 1 yuan of value added in the automobile industry will bring 2.63 yuan of value added to the upstream of related industrial clusters. The contribution rate of this industrial cluster to China's economic growth is about 12%, which is more accurate. As the scientific research and Development Department of polyolefin raw materials and the manufacturer of control and data processing software with windows as the operating interface, we should seize the business opportunity of automobile polyolefin products, increase the variety and brand of polyolefin raw materials, develop the products that can be used as automobile functional parts and structural parts, and accelerate the integration with the world

in the application of automotive polyolefin products, China has developed many effective new technologies. Gas assisted injection molding technology, three-dimensional and multi-layer hollow molding technology and surface treatment technology have raised a research upsurge on aluminum lithium alloy, rapid solidification heat-resistant aluminum alloy and aluminum matrix composites, which will be well applied

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