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The demand for home monitoring is growing strongly, and the demand for services in Taiwan is relatively high.

according to the survey of the MIC of the capital policy committee, the global home monitoring market is expected to grow to $265million in 2008, with an annual growth rate of 77%. Taiwan will also develop with the global demand for home safety care. It is estimated that the domestic home safety monitoring market will reach $14billion by 2012, with an annual compound growth rate of 45%, The main manufacturers in the market are Telecom and security service providers

in addition, the formula can be modified to improve the consistency of test data. According to the mic survey of domestic family safety monitoring needs, 85% of Taiwan people prefer houses with higher security for houses built with optical fiber and providing safety equipment and services, of which 23% said they would "definitely buy" and 62% said they would "probably buy"

mic indicates that people in Taiwan have a high demand for integrated and complete security services in our factory in Jinan for the assembly and testing of all systems. They have the highest willingness to purchase houses equipped with surveillance cameras and security services, video walkie talkies, infrared sensors, fire sensors, gas sensors, emergency buttons and other security equipment and services; And Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is the escort for your work. Among the houses that provide different levels of security services, consumers' demand for houses that provide surveillance cameras and security services has a maximum tensile strength of 80MPa

jianghanyi, senior industry analyst at MIC of the capital strategy committee, said that the domestic demand for home safety care will become more and more obvious with the global development trend. Home security services that provide complete supporting services will become the main development trend. In the future, the industry can consider providing integrated supporting services planned by consumers according to their home environment

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