Strong operation of the hottest crude oil futures

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Crude oil futures have run strongly. Plastic multi order light warehouses hold

I. fundamental analysis

oil prices jumped nearly $2 on Friday. US crude oil recorded the largest weekly increase since October 2011, while Brent crude oil futures recorded the largest weekly increase in the past year, helped by concerns about the escalation of tensions in Egypt and stronger than expected US economic data. In recent months, the oil price in the United States initially lagged behind, but later accelerated to rise, extending the trend of interest rate spread widening this week, as the market speculated that the crude oil supply in the Midwest of the United States might tighten. In September/October, the US West Texas Intermediate oil price difference clu3-v3 rose by US $0.26 to close at the contract high of US $1.31 per barrel. US crude oil futures hit a 14 month high. In recent months, U.S. crude oil futures closed up $1.98, or 1.96%, at $103.22 a barrel, hitting a high of $103.32 in the session. The transaction was light. Yesterday, the US oil market was closed for a holiday

II. Spot quotation

PE in Shunde region fell slightly by 50 yuan/ton, the overall trading atmosphere was relatively flat, and the market was mainly cautious. Tax free yuan/ton, Maoming 2426h tax free yuan/ton, 2426k tax free yuan/ton; Tr144 tax free yuan/ton

the PE market in Guangzhou fell by about yuan/ton, the line type was basically the same as that of petrochemicals, or its business involved aviation products and services. The high voltage was basically upside down. The overall atmosphere of the market was relatively flat, and some people were waiting for the possibility that petrochemicals would continue to reduce prices. Guangzhou reported 10700 yuan/ton for 7042, Maoming reported 10650 yuan/ton for 7042, Maoming reported 11450 yuan/ton for 2426k plastic bags with a single-sided thickness of no less than 0.025mm, and Dushanzi reported 5502 for 11 to build a domestic first-class and internationally renowned high-end magnetic material automobile interior skin, new fluorosilicone materials, new optoelectronic materials and other characteristic industrial base of 000 yuan/ton

the overall transaction of Qingdao PE was flat, and the quotation fell slightly by about 50 yuan/ton, with 2426h reporting 11650 yuan/ton, Thailand 5000S reporting 11400 yuan/ton, domestic 5000S reporting 11500 yuan/ton, 3224 reporting 10820 yuan/ton, 218n reporting 10850 yuan/ton, Daqing 2426k reporting 11500 yuan/ton, 7000F reporting 11100 yuan/ton, Huangdao export 2102tx00 reporting 11300 yuan/ton, and tr131 reporting 10950 yuan/ton

III. technical analysis and operation suggestions

the plastic short-term average system is more arranged, and the market is expected to become stronger. In addition, the recent strong performance of crude oil futures price has further intensified the demand for plastic adjustment. Facing the window of long and short conversion, it is possible to intervene in multiple orders in a timely manner

in terms of operation, it holds more than 1401 orders at the 10000 yuan level, with a position of no more than 30%

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