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In the post crisis era, there is a strong demand for "management and control integration"

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the cornerstone of strong industry through the integration of industrialization and industrialization

the report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made by General Secretary Hu Jintao, for the first time, clearly put forward a new proposition of developing a modern industrial system, vigorously promoting the integration of informatization and industrialization, and promoting industry from big to strong, giving a new historical mission to China's industrial informatization

in the face of the new situation and new tasks of the in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, China's manufacturing industry should vigorously promote the integration of informatization and industrialization and take a new road to industrialization

the connotation of the integration of industrialization and industrialization is not only to transform the R & D, product design, process design, production management, product testing and market supply and marketing of enterprises by using information technology, but also to consider how to revitalize China's equipment manufacturing industry from a macro level, eliminate backward production capacity, promote the industry from big to strong, and finally achieve the goal of developing a modern industrial system. Therefore, the integration of industrialization and industrialization must combine advanced manufacturing technology to realize industrial modernization with applied information technology

in the post crisis era, a series of new technologies such as smart electricity, SOA, cloud computing, IOT, SaaS, virtualization and information security emerge in endlessly. However, behind these technologies, products that bring real value to enterprises and help them become successful will eventually become the mainstream

with the popularization of process industry, automation technology, especially the combination with computer and network system, can improve product quality, increase production and tap potential, ensure safe production, and improve and strengthen enterprise management level. It has been proved to be an important way to win market competition in the future

integration of management and control to achieve production take-off

instruments for production management using the bridge method test principle continue to be used and have been developed. The three-tier structure of the integrated control system

integrated production management and control system (MES) enables real-time tracking and monitoring of the production process, and scientific and dynamic organization, scheduling and control through the integration, processing, processing, analysis, optimization, storage, release and application of production control process information; Realize the modern enterprise goals of informatization, information resource, transmission network and scientific management of production enterprises, so as to build a modern new enterprise with efficient, digital, ecological, harmonious and sustainable development

rely on advanced management concepts, computer network and modern IT technology to innovate enterprise management, improve the internal network hardware and software environment, build a unified data information sharing platform, and form an efficient, safe, information sharing, intelligent and modern digital enterprise support system covering the whole company. Therefore, the integration of management and control is an important link to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and the only way for traditional production enterprises to move towards modern enterprises

at the 2010 national power enterprise informatization conference, zhaoyongjun, manager of the software project Department of Keyuan Co., Ltd., pointed out that the essence of the integration of production control is to re integrate the information systems of the power plant, open up the bottleneck between various disciplines, and completely eliminate the phenomenon of data islands. The functions related to the most important production operation and equipment of the power plant shall be fully integrated and expanded to make the information system play a greater role

BenQ Zhulu, a leading IT technology, consulting service and business process outsourcing solution provider in China, believes that the role of MES in enterprises is becoming more and more obvious. Enterprises' requirements for MES are not only to stay in the shallow application, but to integrate and deepen the application on the original basis

at present, the informatization level of domestic refining and chemical industry has been significantly improved. ERP, MES, pims/aps and other information systems have been applied in refining and chemical enterprises. The process industry has also made great progress in control system matching, advanced process control (APC) technology, real time optimization (RTO) technology, real-time database, etc. The full integration of apc/rto and MES is an important development trend of management and control integration of production enterprises

MES system demand of process industry is booming 5 The fit clearance between the working piston and the oil cylinder is too large.

with the development of economy and the continuous improvement of the information level of manufacturing enterprises, almost all process industries have already had the underlying production control system, and many enterprises have also implemented the ERP system. However, there is a lack of contact between the management and the control layer, so it is urgent to realize the integration of management and control. Especially at the time when the country is promoting the integration of industrialization and industrialization and taking a new road to industrialization, a series of macro policies and fierce market competition have prompted the manufacturing industry to increasingly demand the integration of management and control

the integration of process industry management and control refers to the organic integration of decentralized control systems, production scheduling systems and management decision-making systems on the basis of obtaining all the information required by the production process, and the comprehensive use of automation technology, information technology, computer technology, production and processing technology and modern management science. From the overall situation of the production process, through the integration of various information required for production activities, the integration of control Monitoring, optimization, scheduling, management, operation and decision-making are integrated to form a modern enterprise integrated automation system with overall optimization, high quality, high efficiency and high flexibility that can adapt to various production environments and market demands

for example, the opinions of the Ministry of industry and information technology pointed out that the integration level of textile machinery industry and industrialization is low, the application of integration, modularization, automation and informatization of textile machinery design and manufacturing is not widespread, the level of product automatic control is low, and the level of organic integration of informatization and industrialization needs to be improved. Experts believe that in terms of chemical fiber complete sets of equipment, China's automation level is relatively high, and PLC, man-machine interface, frequency converter and other equipment have been popularized. The future development direction is mainly the integration of management and control, that is, the integration of production management and production control. In particular, small MES and other systems are used to improve the effect of management and control integration

for example, the nonferrous metal industry is faced with accepting some common standards in foreign informatization, absorbing foreign advanced things, and improving the existing shortcomings, so that our informatization can reach the international advanced level, Improve the letter of foreign non-ferrous metal organizations to China's non-ferrous information, and focus on the middle and low end of exports to developed countries. The main task of informatization construction of nonferrous metals industry should be reflected in the construction of management and control integrated system of nonferrous metals industry, accelerating the integration of the two, and gradually realizing intelligent control and intelligent management

for example, in terms of coal mine production, the most advanced automation and information technology are used, and the advanced management concept of ERP is used for reference. Through the integrated management and control construction scheme, the coal mine enterprises can fully realize information in all links such as safety, production, cost, fixed assets and business management, and form a complete comprehensive information management platform that can be predicted, predicted, pre controlled and can assist the mining party in making scientific decisions, In order to reduce the probability of enterprise safety accidents, reduce enterprise manufacturing costs and improve enterprise economic benefits

with the rapid development of automation in China, managers have increasingly realized that only by improving product quality, improving comprehensive utilization of resources, improving productivity, and realizing efficiency and energy conservation can enterprises improve their core competitiveness in the international market. (text/hard rock)

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