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Strict economy Yuchai strictly regulates official vehicles and office space

strict economy Yuchai strictly regulates official vehicles and office space

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Guide: in order to reduce enterprise management costs, implement strict economy and combat waste, Yuchai group has recently thoroughly implemented the spirit of relevant documents such as the regulations of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on strict economy and combat waste, According to the actual situation of the large-scale adjustment of the enterprise's experimental speed, the rectification measures for the group's excessive office space were formulated, and

in order to reduce the management cost of the enterprise, practice strict economy and oppose waste, Yuchai group has recently thoroughly implemented the spirit of the regulations of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on implementing strict economy and combating waste by Party and government organs and other relevant documents. According to the actual situation of the enterprise, Yuchai group has formulated the rectification measures for the public housing in excess of the standard, and further standardized the requirements for the management and use of official vehicles. At present, the rectification work is being actively implemented. The group will accept the rectification work in January, 2014

with regard to the cleaning of office space, the group has formulated the standard for the allocation of office equipment and facilities of Yuchai group, which strictly standardizes the office area standards for different positions such as group leaders, subsidiary leaders, department leaders and staff members. For example, the office area of the president or general manager of the company is less than 50 square meters, and the per capita office area of ordinary employees is not more than 8 square meters. At the same time, the standard also has clear and detailed specification requirements for the allocation standards of office facilities at all levels

Jiangfei, director of the office of Yuchai group, introduced that previously, although the group had relevant requirements on the facility configuration of different levels of office buildings, it had not strictly defined the office area, and there was no specification on the influence of specimen deflection (the action line of force could not accurately pass through the axis of the tensile specimen and generate additional zigzag stress) on the test results in the zigzag test. The Group Office recently conducted a thorough investigation on the office space of the group and its subordinate units in accordance with the new specifications, and found that some subsidiaries have exceeded the standard of office space. In this regard, the group requires relevant subsidiaries to carry out rectification and rectification based on the principle of "no redecoration, consolidation of offices as far as possible, and strict economy" in accordance with the rectification provisions, so as to maximize the effective use of space resources

at present, relevant subsidiaries have checked and cleaned up all office buildings, and taken measures according to specific conditions to implement the rectification work. In the investigation, the building area of some leading offices of the property company is about 17 square meters higher than the new configuration standard. After discussion and coordination, the property management company divided these offices equally, half of which were used for leadership office, and the other half were reformed into Discipline Inspection conversation room, Armed Forces Department, etc; For departments that exceed the standard, employees of related functions will be arranged to supplement them, so that the per capita office space of ordinary employees can meet the standard of 6~8 square meters

Huayuan company mainly adopts the rectification method of consolidated office, and arranges leaders and leaders with direct business relations, and leaders and employees to share the office; In the chairman's office, a small conference table is added for daily business meetings and negotiations, so as to alleviate the current tension in the conference room of Huayuan company. Liuhongwei, general manager of Huayuan company, said that Huayuan company will improve the regulations on conference activities, official reception, etc. in the next stage, and use various learning and publicity methods to strengthen the saving concept of management cadres and employees, so as to promote the work of "saving and increasing efficiency" in terms of system and ideology

in terms of the specification of official vehicles, on the basis of the original vehicle management regulations, the group further standardized the use of official vehicles of the group by referring to the management measures for the allocation and use of official vehicles of the party and government organs, so as to prevent the use of official vehicles to pick up leaders to work and deal with private affairs. The specification requires that all units must strictly allocate official vehicles in accordance with the principle of "economic applicability, energy conservation and environmental protection, ensuring official business and saving use", and clarify the object and scope of official vehicles and the punishment method for illegal use of official vehicles. The group office will install GPS on-board terminals for official vehicles of all units according to the actual situation, so as to realize the nationwide roaming monitoring of official vehicles

in January 2014, the group will carry out spot check and acceptance on the rectification of official vehicles and over standard office buildings in strict accordance with the three-level supervision mechanism. Among them, the first level supervision refers to the irregular supervision and inspection of each unit led by the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Party committee of the company, the second level supervision refers to the supervision and inspection carried out by the office of the company, and the third level supervision refers to the supervision of the masses. The masses of employees can report violations of relevant regulations through OA and the report box, so as to promote the implementation of the enterprise's strict economy and anti waste work

since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Central Committee has put forward "eight regulations" with "easy driving and easy obedience" and "strict implementation of diligence and Thrift" as the main contents, "six prohibitions" such as "no illegal gift giving" and "anti four evils" campaign. The group closely followed the relevant regulations and requirements, carried out work in a down-to-earth manner, strictly standardized the "style of writing" and "meeting style", vigorously rectified the illegal issues such as gifts and banquets with public funds, and rectified the newly imported official vehicles and office buildings with near environmental parameters, and comprehensively implemented the policies of the central government

for a series of anti-corruption and saving measures issued by the group, "the top leaders of the party and government of all units must strictly implement them and put an end to fraud." Li Tiansheng, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai group, said, "at the same time, we hope that the majority of employees will actively participate in, effectively supervise, mobilize the efforts of the leading cadres and employees of the group to eliminate waste and corruption, and create a pragmatic, efficient and clean working environment."

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