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Recently, the "Meisheng aerobic laundry granules" produced by Meisheng daily chemical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, has adopted cartons as the outer packaging of products, which is particularly conspicuous on the shelves of laundry powders with similar packaging

from the aspect of appearance, the carton is mainly red, white and blue, with bright printing colors, and the eight corners of the box are fillet die cut. External shrink film packaging can play a good moisture-proof role. When you open the carton, you can find that there is a layer of plastic bag inside as a package, and a spoon is equipped inside, which is convenient to use. The cover of the carton is connected with the box body, and the edge of the box body is equipped with two protruding "small ears", which can be easily buckled at the specific die-cutting place of the box cover after the box cover is closed, so as to prevent accidental opening to a certain extent, and ensure that the product spills after the packaging is opened. The ingenious and exquisite packaging design makes this packaging a powerful weapon for product promotion

the use of cartons for packaging conforms to the concept of environmental protection, and can improve the product grade and shelf display effect.

the relevant person in charge of the marketing department of Meisheng daily chemical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. can tell whether the analyzer or Jinan gold testing machine is a good one. He said that this new product uses advanced technology. Compared with the traditional washing powder, This product is relatively environmentally friendly: the traditional washing powder uses a physical way to remove bacteria and provide a solution, which is to pull down the "dirty things", while this product uses a chemical way to decompose the stains, and the decomposition products are relatively environmentally friendly. In order to match the environmental protection characteristics of products, the packaging of products should also give people a sense of environmental protection, and paper undoubtedly has the most advantages in this regard

the use of fine corrugated cardboard can improve the straightness and compression resistance of the packaging.

careful observation shows that the outer packaging of this product is not an ordinary "cardboard", but a fine corrugated cardboard. The person in charge of the marketing department said that the product has two specifications, 1025g and 535g respectively. Due to the relatively heavy quality of the product, if the ordinary cardboard box is used as the outer packaging, it is easy to cause the carton deformation during the transportation process. The more the document should be placed in the front, thus affecting the product image. This can be avoided by using fine corrugated cardboard

excellent packaging design promotes product sales

this product is mainly aimed at the high-end consumer market, so the price is very high compared with ordinary washing powder. Among them, the retail price of 535g products reached about 15 yuan. If such a high product price wants to occupy a place in the market, it must not only win the recognition of consumers from the product quality, but also work hard on marketing, and packaging is an important marketing means. The company has considered all details such as packaging materials and packaging structure, which has greatly improved the added value of this product and maintained good sales performance

cartons have a broad market prospect as washing powder packaging. The relevant person in charge told that at present, only three domestic daily chemical enterprises produce this kind of cartons of washing powder. As washing powder is still mostly used as a low-end consumer product at present, in terms of packaging, low value-added packaging will occupy a certain market share in a certain period of time. However, since september1,2004, the new washing powder standard GB/t13171-2004 has been implemented. It has abolished the specific indicators, coefficients and specific provisions on the use of raw materials specified in the original washing powder standard. Instead, it judges the advantages and disadvantages of products from the aspects of product performance, reduces the requirements for the ingredients used, but strengthens the testing of decontamination ability. Compared with the old standard, the new standard strives for the internal order approval of Aluminum Corporation of China. The new standard has relaxed the standard control of washing powder formula indicators, which can give enterprises more research and development space and let enterprises open their hands and feet, thus helping to improve the quality and grade of products in the whole industry. With the improvement of product quality, more novel and high-grade packaging will naturally be required. This kind of compound environmental protection and high-grade carton packaging will become a beautiful flower in the future detergent packaging market

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