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In the consumer market of doors and windows, emotional marketing is a common marketing method used by many enterprises, and it is also one of the simplest marketing methods to move consumers. Many enterprises with unique insight connect the brand image with "beauty", "day" and "family", make full use of the connection between home and day for marketing activities, and then hold the feelings of consumers and their hearts. However, "emotional" marketing is not a panacea. No matter how good the marketing model is, it also needs to be supported by high-quality products. As long as "emotional" marketing is on the ground, brand promotion can get twice the result with half the effort

"emotional" marketing needs fall on the ground

"emotional brand" marketing seems to be the marketing trend of many door and window brands. It is not difficult to understand the correlation between this. After all, doors and windows are closely linked with home, and the emotion for home is very simple. It is a thing used in home. Therefore, the brand also grasps this kind of consumer psychology, focusing on playing "emotional brand", but this has also become a phenomenon worthy of comment, When so many brands begin to comment on "beauty", "life" and "family", will consumers still be moved. Together, whether these "emotions" have become words in floating paper and publicity, the marketing method of a brand playing the "emotion card" often needs to fall on the ground

using high-quality products as support is the key

"as long as the concept, there is no product support, in fact, this kind of marketing is of little significance. At present, many marketing taking the emotional path will have such problems." After using marketing to successfully attract audiences, how to turn it into brand understanding and support, the key also lies in whether the quality of products can match the concept of marketing. "If you want to play the emotional card, then what is the value of doors and windows for parents, and what are the growth needs of children? These are the first things that should be seriously considered."

don't let "emotion brand" become a panacea

according to the analysis of insiders, if the product can't completely support the concept of emotion brand, but still talking about this concept, it often reveals the ambiguity of brand product positioning. In short, it's not clear who this product is used for, so "emotion brand" has become a panacea. No matter who uses it, it's always a family, which is always right. Clear pertinence is the condition for the establishment of products and marketing concepts. Otherwise, we cannot obtain the demands of the target audience, so we can only carry out emotional marketing in general. "Brands should understand the day, and then position. This is what the brand needs to think clearly. Different collectives have similarities and differences. Doors and windows are actually products positioned for these similarities and differences."

because of the change of consumption concept and the progress of consumption level, people buy products such as doors and windows not only to meet the basic needs of the day, but also to enjoy spiritually. As long as we play the "emotional card" together with ensuring high-quality product output, we can make the impact of emotional marketing play a positive role and satisfy the daily needs of contemporary consumers at more levels





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