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With the increase of national GDP and the improvement of mass consumption capacity, the aluminum door and window industry has entered a stage of rapid development. Consumption upgrading has driven the innovation and upgrading of the aluminum door and window industry, providing new impetus and direction for its development. In the new round of quality consumption, the attraction of low price of products is weakened, and more and more consumers no longer pay attention to the price of products. If aluminum door and window enterprises continue the previous business strategy, they will be eliminated by the market

quality becomes the focus of competition. Aluminum door and window enterprises need to find out the "exciting point" of the market.

quality is the lifeline of building a powerful manufacturing country. The focus of competition in the aluminum door and window market.

whether it is the market's dilution of GDP and the emphasis on improving quality and efficiency, China is consciously saying goodbye to the thinking of only economic growth, and began to pursue high-quality and efficient economic development, It is also put forward from the "made in China 2025" plan: "quality must be taken as the lifeline of building a manufacturing power, comprehensively consolidate the foundation of product quality, constantly improve the brand value of enterprises and the overall image of made in China, and take the development path of winning with quality.", It can be seen that quality is the consumer demand that enterprises should pay attention to. Although price competition is an important means for enterprises to participate in market competition, price competition focuses on the present and survival, which is also offline competition. Aluminum door and window products have the consumption characteristics of large single consumption amount, long replacement cycle and specialization. It is an inevitable trend that quality and service become the focus of market competition

identify the "exciting point" of the market. Aluminum door and window enterprises are committed to improving product quality.

at present, Fuxuan doors and windows, meijiashang doors and windows, Huangpai doors and windows, Saint Paul doors and windows have made considerable progress in product quality, production technology, consumption channels, design and other aspects, laying a solid foundation for brand competition. The competition of aluminum door and window manufacturers gradually focuses on the future and development, and turns to the competition that constantly changes from low-level to high-level. Whether it is Fuxuan's improvement of mechanized production lines that meet international standards, the introduction of a number of advanced technologies and production equipment, and the further improvement of production quality and production efficiency, or the door and window brand Meijia Deshang, which is owned by Foshan Nanhai Meijia door industry Co., Ltd. and founded in 2005, as a large-scale high-end door and window enterprise integrating independent research and development, design, production and sales, Committed to providing high-quality silicon magnesium aluminum alloy doors and windows for Chinese families, the establishment of positioning is the implementation of quality control after finding out the "exciting point" of the market, which indicates that brand doors and windows have realized that product quality has always been the key to market competition and the focus of consumers

Cartier doors and windows; For aluminum door and window enterprises, only by continuously improving product quality and strengthening product quality management can they better cope with the competition in the aluminum door and window market. Instead of winning vitality through low-end "price war" and forming a vicious circle in the industry, enterprises that only care about immediate interests and ignore long-term development are doomed to be unable to become bigger and stronger in the market and develop in the long run

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