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Bedroom wall construction should eliminate "surface dryness"

although now the wall painting materials and processes are very mature, when choosing to construct in summer, there may still be some problems due to seasonal characteristics. Due to the high temperature and heat in summer, when the construction personnel judge whether the wall base is dry by visual inspection and hand feeling, there may be an illusion of "the wall is completely dry". In this case, painting the wall paint is likely to lock the water in it, resulting in wall pulverization, blistering, wall discoloration, and even cracking after a long time

Wang Jun, manager of Kebao home decoration project management office, said that although the construction in summer is fast drying due to high temperature, the air humidity is much higher than that in other seasons, which has a great impact on the wall construction. He said that although the putty layer on the wall will dry rapidly in summer, in fact, this is only a "surface drying" phenomenon in high temperature weather

relevant insiders have put forward some suggestions for wall works that are vulnerable to humid air. They pointed out that it is difficult to dry the wall putty on the wall or ceiling in the wet season in summer, so it is best to keep a longer interval from putty to coating, or try to choose a sunny day for construction

in addition, it was pointed out that if the interface treatment of wall construction was not done well, the original structural wall materials were prone to "alkali return" in summer, leaving white marks or yellow spots on the wall. In addition, waterproof putty should also be used when dealing with the wall, so that the combination between the coating and the base is more firm and not easy to fall off, so as to avoid yellowing of the wall due to humidity in summer and prevent the wall from cracking over time

the bedroom wall expands with heat and contracts with cold, and the wall is easy to crack and peel.

in the hot and humid weather in summer, there are not only hidden dangers in wall construction, but also many potential wall problems will appear at this time. Due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in summer in Beijing, the use of indoor air conditioning leads to the expansion and contraction of the wall, which will lead to the cracking and peeling of the wall

some people say that the rainy season in summer in Beijing is often accompanied by northwest wind, so the rain always falls on the same position on the outer wall and cannot dry thoroughly for a long time. If the weather does not turn sunny for 3-4 days, it is very likely to leave a "watermark" on the wall. At the same time, in rainy weather in summer, the balcony and the wall with rainwater pipelines may also cause "mildew" and other wall defects if the water vapor does not dry for a long time. In addition, for areas with heavy moisture, such as kitchens and toilets, in midsummer when the air moisture content is very high, the phenomenon of "condensation" is easy to appear on the ceramic tile wall. If the ventilation is poor for a long time, it may even penetrate into the interior wall surface of halls and rooms, resulting in ready-made peeling or peeling on the wall

relevant insiders believe that the selection and construction of base putty is more important than surface emulsion paint to prevent seasonal "patients" on the wall in summer. Because some irregular decoration teams use inferior putty, it is easy to be dissolved by water and has low strength and no crack resistance. It will be exposed after seasonal transformation of temperature and humidity. Therefore, when signing the decoration contract, the owner should pay attention to the warranty period. In addition, the remaining putty and other painting materials should not be discarded, and a part should be left for testing in case of problems

■ diagnosis room

large area of peeling off of bedroom wall

problem diagnosis: four seasons and indoor and outdoor temperature differences cause expansion or contraction of wall surface, and hollowing and humidity of wall foundation may cause large area of peeling off

in addition, after the second brushing, if there is moisture, dirt, grease or chalking on the surface of the old paint, it may also cause local wall coating to peel off

suit the remedy to the case: remove the original wall completely, especially the empty part, and proceed to the next process after the wall is fully dry. At the same time, before painting the primer again, the powdered matter of the old paint on the wall must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure smoothness and no pores

local bulge on the bedroom wall

problem diagnosis: when the wall foundation is wet, the paint is painted before it is completely dry, and water seeps into the paint surface, causing the paint film to lose adhesion and bulge into a drum on the surface

suit the remedy to the case: try to avoid painting the wall in high humidity or rainy weather in summer. Local bulges in the living room and bedroom can be scraped off individually, and the edges of the scraped parts can be ground smooth, primed, and then repainted, but it will cause slight color difference with the original wall color. If the bulging area is large, the original wall must be eradicated and cleaned, and the construction can be carried out after the wall is fully dried

small cracks on the wall of the bedroom

problem diagnosis: because the base of the small wall is not treated well. In addition, the putty layer on the wall is not completely dry or foreign water infiltrates, forming white crystalline objects protruding on the surface. These two conditions will lead to wall cracking for a long time

suit the remedy to the case: if there are small areas of blocks after painting, the original wall must also be eradicated, re painted with brushing interface agent, and then re constructed according to the process of plastering gypsum leveling, pasting grid cloth, scraping the wall lining for three times, grinding, rolling and brushing primer and finish paint for two times

mildew on the balcony wall of the bathroom

problem diagnosis: on continuous rainy days in summer, the balcony outer wall is exposed to the rain for a long time, and the water vapor evaporated from drying clothes is absorbed by the inner wall. The water vapor produced by bathing in the bathroom penetrates for a long time, which makes the interior of the wall moist, thus breeding green mold and sometimes black spots

suit the remedy to the case: mold spots usually appear on old walls or walls painted with non antibacterial formula paint. Therefore, it is recommended to use mold resistant wall paint in wall areas that have been exposed to water for a long time. After mildew spots appear on the wall, the original wall must be eradicated and cleaned, and then the wall should be wiped with fungicide. The next step of construction can be carried out after the wall is fully dry

wall watermark at kitchen and bathroom pipes

problem diagnosis: small cracks in PVC water pipes wrapped in kitchens and toilets are not easy to find after long-term use, but water will slowly penetrate into the wall, causing the adjacent wall to be patchy, and its color is usually darker than the original color. In addition, the damage of the rainwater pipeline between the two households will also cause watermarks on the walls between the upper and lower households

suit the remedy to the case: ensure that the wall is dry before painting. If there is a watermark on the wall near the pipe, first check whether there is damage to the outer pipe. After finding the source of the watermark, the wall with the watermark should be eradicated and the construction should be carried out after the wall is completely dry

discoloration of the wall near the window air conditioner

problem diagnosis: there are many reasons for discoloration of the wall. In addition to being polluted by chemicals (such as alkaline), discoloration of the wall will occur in humid air and uneven heating. For example, when the wall is heated unevenly, the oxidation speed of wall coating will be different, which will lead to the change of wall color

suit the remedy to the case: during construction, wall coatings with long-lasting color should be selected, which are not only mould proof, anti discoloration, but also washable. If the wall is seriously discolored, the original wall must be removed and rebuilt when the air humidity meets the construction requirements. In addition, for the discoloration of the wall caused by uneven heating and cooling, there is no need to eradicate it. Just polish the original wall as a whole and re paint it

the thicker the putty layer is, the better.

as the saying goes, "the wall is seven parts putty and three parts paint". According to my years of life experience, the bulge and cracking of the wall are mostly caused by putty. I think to put an end to the wall problems in wet weather in summer, we should first supervise the putty used by decoration companies. Here is a small way: pour water on the putty layer and pull it by hand. Powdered putty is not qualified putty. In addition, it is a misunderstanding to ask workers to brush the putty as thick as possible. I think as long as the wall is flat and smooth, the thinner the putty layer is, the less likely it is to crack. In addition, there will be relatively dry weather in summer, so you can have moderate ventilation at this time, which can release the moist air absorbed by the wall for a long time to a certain extent

simple decoration covers up wall defects

indoor high temperature in Beijing in summer, indoor air conditioning refrigeration makes the wall uneven, and usually there are many small cracks. I think to avoid big fights, we can only decorate and cover up by decorating. For example, cracks on the wall near windows or air conditioners can be covered with small wall stickers; The cracks caused by steam in the restaurant can be covered with larger movie posters or wood frame paintings; There are cracks on the wall in the living room, so a large area of photo themed wall can be arranged to cover the wall defects. There are also some wall cabinets that are easy to crack at the junction of the wall. I will choose wood strips with color matching for decoration, which not only highlights the border line of the cabinet, but also fully covers the cracking problem of the wall




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